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10/4 at Decameron/Decapollis


Nolitours has cancelled this option in it’s new tour book. We wanted to do this again this summer and now don’t know what to do. Unfortunately you can’t talk directly with anyone from Nolitours, you have to do it through a travel agent. We told them we were willing to do our own transfers but the travel agents take two days to come up with an answer and then when you have another ? for them to ask Nolitours it takes another 2 days, so we are getting no where.
We are at the point of just booking the 2 weeks and leaving after 10 days to go off on our own. Anyone done anything like this. We want to go snorkelling in Portobello, shopping in Panama city and hiking through the rain forest and these things are all best done from the Decapollis. Needless to say I am quite disappointed with Nolitours. LS


AWWW, we are hoping to go next march, the 10/4 was exactly what i wanted to do!!
Darn, my luck!


Have you not considered the 10/4 with the Gamboa as the 4-day option??? It is so close to P.C. that you can easily do those things from the Gamboa you wanted to do from the Decapolis. OR has Nolitour dropped the whole 10-4 option including the Gamboa, as well? And is there any reason why you must use Nolitours?

Northgal :sunglasses:


Northgal, I don’t know about the rest of the season, but in May Nolitours is using Westjet charters. For me, that’s reason enough right there! ;D


Hi - You may want to try and contact Decameron themselves and see if they will offer you this option.
We were at Decameron for 2 weeks last Dec. and the hotel, itself, offered a promotion where you could go and spend 3 nights or 2 nights or 1 night of your stay at Decapollis. That is what we did as my husband wanted to go to the Canal and it also meant we did not have the early departure from the resort the day of our flight home.
Perhaps they are still offering such a deal?
I would email Decameron and check with them.
It was through Decameron - not Nolitours - that we were able to do this.
Good luck.


Quick question for you, reh

That sounds like a great option. Three nights at the Decapolis would seem like plenty in which to do the things one would like in and around P.C. Did the Decameron arrange for the transfer to the Decapolis or did you have to take care of it yourselves?


Northgal :slight_smile:


Northgal: A 10/4 with the Gamboa might help us a little, especially on the north coast destinations. Anything out of Panama City though is not much closer, but certainly worth considering. Good advice, thanks!!! We will have to do some research. As far as Nolitours: I believe they are the only ones offering packages from Toronto to Panama. We have to fly from Calgary to Toronto, and then on to Panama. Definitely must be for two weeks. LS.


I tried to get the email address of the decameron, but didn’t have any luck. anyone able to help me!!!


Hey lovesun,

Where is Portobello? I presume that it is on the Caribbean side…
Boy, it never ceases to amaze me how hard-done-by you Westerners are in this whole travel game. Your having to fly to Toronto or Montreal to get down to the Caribbean is a real hassle and added expense! >:( It blows my mind why the airline companies don’t capitalize on that market out West.

I’d love to return to Panama some day but the dh isn’t interested. Sigh. It may have to turn into a “girls’” trip if I ever go back. :smiley:

Northgal :sunglasses:


Northgal: Yes Portobello is on the north side. Don’t you have to travel to Toronto first, before continuing to Panama?? It sure does add extra costs on to a vacation package.


Yes, we do have to fly from Toronto. However, a car ride to T.O. is not as expensive as an airplane flight! :slight_smile:

Northgal :slight_smile:


you bet! extra 700.00 for us to get to Toronto to fly out! Who knows how much more now with the fuel prices taking a hike.