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100 Best Beaches in the world

Do not see Cayo Largo, Cayo Santa Maria and Varadero in the list. Please comment on the beaches in the list that you have visited.

I did protest the exclusion of all Cuban beaches on a Trip Advisor article a few years ago - to deaf ears.

Gotta remember TA & CNN are American. :-X :-X :-X

I didn’t look at the CNN list but do keep in mind that the beaches you mention are good but there are tons of better beaches elsewhere.

Whaaaat? No Shédiac New Brunswick ?? ::slight_smile:

Did see PEIsland’s Cavendish on the list and rightly so.

Playa Paraiso in Cayo Largo is #31/100

We’ve been on 5 beaches in the Top 50:
#3 Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos
#6 Cabbage Beach, Bahamas (personally, I prefer Cat Island)
#30 Grande Anse, Grenada
#31 Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo (IMO, this beach can hold it’s own against any beach, anywhere :slight_smile: )
#48 Trunk Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands…love this beach and the ride to get there!!

Missing from the list…Long Beach, Vancouver Island. Spectacular.

oh you’re so right about Long Beach, steffie.
I have a fond memory about my first encounter with this little bit of paradise. This was back in 1977-ish, my hippy years… We arrived there, having hitchhiked from Vancouver one weekend, and we were in awe of this magnificent sight and the several dozen surfers doing what they do. So I threw off my sandals and ran to the water… for posterity. AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH, said my toes, as they froze and fell off my feet one by one… :o

Now, I’m a Maritimer, so I’m no stranger to cold water at the beach, but Geez Louise, it was like the brain freeze you get when you eat ice cream too fast, except it happened to my feet.
OMG, the water was soooooooooo cold!! No wonder the surfers wore wetsuits head to toe! ::slight_smile:

So much for my idyllic memories of the Pacific Ocean! That said, Long Beach is ab-so-lu-te-ly breathtaking, stretching at far as the eye can see, sand and sea in perfect bliss…

Today, I wonder if Long Beach water ever attracts actual swimmers lol

LOL, I doubt it, Zendudette, as the water stays at a constant 6-7 C year round! Remember, back in the 70’s you could actually drive your car on the beach…not that one would dream of doing so today! Check out this link, I think you’ll enjoy the read:


Don’t remember seeing any jeeps on the beach back then, but tons of campers on the beach (twas bliss falling asleep to the sound of the waves, not to mention the “starry starry nights” )

I must say I’m in awe over the number of beaches you all have been to/seen… Ahhh to be young again…