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$100 bills

My friend was told not to bring $100 Canadian bills down, anybody have any problems if they did. I have to take quite a sum down for a wedding, so I was going to have hundreds too.
Stephanie :slight_smile:

I took them with me in April no problem to get them exchanged. They do have a light to check them with. If your at all worried just take samller 50’s

Just make sure, as with any other bill, that they are in pristine condition!

also don’t forget, you can advance the money to your Canadian credit card and just use that for the big bills, I believe you an also get an advance on the card to get cash so you would be just advancing yourself the money at no charge

When I travel to Cuba with large amounts of Canadian cash, I write the serial numbers on a sheet of paper before leaving. The bank tellers are required to record the serial number of each $100. bill, along with your passport number, and that can take a certain amount of time. So if I am going to exchange $1,000 at a time, I have a sheet prepared listing the numbers, and my name. Bank tellers love it when their job is made easier! :smiley:
I cash large amounts of money only at a bank. More privacy and security (at least that’s my perception!) :wink: