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12 paradise 12 hell at Sol Cayo Coco

[p]My review and story will follow soon… (My trip from May 24 to May 31st)

Need help!!

Looking for pictures and names of two men working for or at Sol Cayo Coco:
[strong](Do not post names on forum, please PM me)[/strong]

#1 Male, 35-40 years old, 5’10 - 6ft, short brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin, Tribal type tattoo on right shoulder, wears silver chain, bracelet with his name on right wrist, watch on left. Works either as lifeguard at beach or pool area or possibly works for the nautical center. Works mostly during the day and leaves around 5pm.


#2 Male 30-35 years, said he worked for security but found out later that he was possibly a waiter or works in laundry. I have found pictures but still looking for his name. Can post picture in private.

I am still waiting for help from Melia Hotel group, Luis the manager at Sol and others.
A big thanks to those who have already helped and those that will. One found so far!

Good luck, looking forward to your review.

[quote=@paradisenfer][p]My review and story will follow soon… (My trip from May 24 to May 31st)

Feel free to let us know what happened and please submit your review on our main review page http://www.debbiescaribbeanresortreviews.com/contact_us/your_review.php so that we can publish and that others can see it.

Thanks and let us know your story from your vacation and welcome to Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums!

Oh I have a pretty good feeling I could already write this review based on the poster’s info and their one and only post here…

Meet these two nice friendly guys during my stay at the resort, and then…

I’m looking forward to the review also.

well I don’t find getting questioned about the names of people without a little more specifics very entertaining.

Thread has been shut down on other site…

#1 should be easy to name if he wore it around his wrist on a bracelet, no?

I am guessing this is the one and only post we wil get from her…live and learn.


In my opinion a first time member going after a specific individual Cuban should in most cases have their post removed. A public forum is not the place to fix a personal issue with someone who is not a member of the forum and therefore can’t respond, especially when there is zero information supplied.

That said, at least they’re smart enough to request all info be exchanged via PM…