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12 Step Program for D.R. Addiction


After doing a bit of research I have found that addictive behavior due to traveling to the Dominican Republic has become a major problem.

As stated on page 17 of the real "Big Book" there is a solution.

Hi, my name is Phil and I am a Dominicanholic. My problem is more in my thinking than in the fact that I am addicted to the wonderment of the Dominican Republic. Being an addict of such a wonderful place in itself is not a problem. The problem arises when I think about being there when I am up to my butt in snow. When I am awake and when I sleep. It controls my every thought.

Therefore, I have started a 12 step program to be able to better handle this marvelous addiction. Once the 12 steps are completed we will find a new way of accepting our new found serenity.

The 1st 3 steps were previously posted but I decided it was best to start a new thread to find out how many people are interested in bringing these steps into their very essence. I, for one, am ready. Anyone else?

Once this forum shows the need (which is obvious if you only accept it) We will work on one step per day.

Thank-you and good luck in this transformation!



My name is Gregg.

Room says in unison " Hi Gregg!"

And I’m here because I’m a Dominicanholic and I want to take back control of my life.

I implore our Group Leader, Phil, to continue the program.

(Phil&Jill could become Dr. Phil & Jill D. of DDT Forums; a la Dr. Bob & Bill W.).


Debbie and Jim need this program verrrry badly!! We’ve got it awfully bad up here in Cleveland too :-[ Every single day, checking the travel websites to see if there are any deals to get us back down to our Dominican Paradise sooner ??? Oh yeah Phil, we will have to be joining your program as well!! We are ready here!!

Jim and Debbie


Hi my name is Jenn, and I am a Dominicanaholic

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change ( I am addicted to the sun, beach and dominican way of life), change the things I can (accept and embrace my addiction), and the wisdom to know the difference. (It is not good to think about the addiction 24/7, moderation is key to rehibilation).

Thanks Phil for Reaching out!!!


mutter mutter, ok My name is Amanda and yes I am addicted to Dominican everything, no I’m not, YES I AM!! I’m not looking for a cure, just someone with loads of surplus money who would like me to spend it in the Dominican Republic. (Any offers?? ;D, ok I’ll keep working and saving) I think I’d better book my place in this program before it gets full!

14 days and counting… I am obsesive as well? Yep sure looks like it. Oh dear… :stuck_out_tongue:

TTFN Amanda :-*


Hi, my name is Stacey. I really don’t think I have a problem ;). Maybe you could stage an intervention and take my to the DR one more time to see if I’m addicted. I promise, I won’t think about it any more after that. ;D…ok, maybe I need help.


Hi My name is Jeanette aka nettiepei, I am not an addict, I just live and breath for the DR it is in my thoughts 24 hours a day. Tomorrow I will not be thinking about going to the DR though. Because I will be there YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE,…

0 Days 19 Hrs 58 Mins 59 Secs til Fun Royale

After much thought I must admitt that I am an addict as well, just this one last fix and I will be okay, I will detox after we return…


Okay, my name is Amanda and I have a problem…I am a dominicanaholic…but I don’t care, and I will continue to feed this addiction!

Come on, there could be worse things in life than a love of presidentes and palm trees, right?


Well folks…it looks as though many of us are ready for D.A. Thus, we have turned the corner to a new life. Remember: it is not a weakness to surrender. It’s knowing the time to surrender. Custer didn’t but MacArthur did!

Through this surrender we will find strength, not defeat.

We were at the turning point so it is time to take the first step.

#1 WE admitted we were powerless over the charms of the Dominican Republic and that our lives had become unmanageable.


OK…my name is mel, and i am…a dominicanholic. Ok, i admitted i am powerless, and i am so glad i am not unique and alone…this addiction is cunning, baffling and powerful. I have been planning this “slip” for a while now…not for pina coladas, but to hear those simple words “cheapie-cheapie” it’s so painful… So if anyone wants to meet me at viva tangerine April 19-26 for some support and fellowship… i could use a meeting on the beach…


I guess I shouldn’t be in denial anymore as well! But this is one addiction that is worth having in my opinion ;D


Im with northerchick,i dont like to kick any addiction as I must have enjoyed it to become addicted…lol


Hi, my name is Liz
[Hi, liz]
and my drug of choice Xtreme BeachLounging.

Since I live in Ohio, I have cravings ALL THE TIME [sob sob]. I think I’m about to relapse…in 167 hours, to be precise.

"Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these magnificient beaches, we try to carry this message to others (through Debbies website, of course) and to practice SPF-30 sunworshiping in all our affairs. "


Whoa Liz!

Ya can’t just simply jump to the 12th step! That’s why we put numbers on them so you can do them in order!



Of course! Silly me! [slaps her forehead] ::slight_smile:

That must be the reason I’m in relapse, eh? My constant need for instant gratification! Always looking for a shortcut…I was hoping nobody would notice… :sunglasses:


I absolutlely deny any addiction to the DR (after all, I’ve ONLY been to Punta Cana 7 times). :wink:

Being an entrepreneurial business person, I do sense an opportunity however. I’m thinking a new rehab center located smack dab in the middle of Playa Bavaro might be a wise investment. Watch out Betty Ford! ;D



From things I have read here on Debbies you would certainly have a full house just with Debbie’s members!


Hola all!

My name is Jimmy.

I have to admit…as much as I really dont feel comfortable in doing so…that…yes…

my WIFE is a "Dominicanoholic" as well.

I myself, have suffered from D.D.A.S. for quite some time now, and have been following the "4 Step" program for that, which will culminate this coming July 23 (refer to thread listed).


It is hard to sit back and watch her slowly slip into her "Dominicanoholic" state, it tears me up inside.

To see her pain, to hear her constantly sing "oh a oh a…oh a oh a…" as she goes about her day. Heck, the other day I even caught her trying to barter, WITH THE GIRL GUIDES…I had to step in, and pay the full amount for the cookies!

Seems that the only cure will be to head back to the Dominican, with a larger group of people, who suffer from the same chronic problem…NOT ENOUGH DR! (and I am not referring to Pepper).

Okay, okay…its not only my wife…


Only another 11 months till we are back…ya…11 months…hey who knows…there could be a GOOD sell off this May…but till then…11 months…11 months…MINIMUM…11 months…problem…what problem…11 months…I don’t hAVe No sTINkin ProBlem…



You are too funny Scooby!! ;D ;D


SOCCORO! I am worse than I thought! Di0s-the only thing is I know now that there are others out there with the same affliction. Bueno-we can all seek help together-(possibly at a DDT Major Fiesta- wouldn’t that be fun?). Dr. Phil could be the special guest speaker.

Seriously, it is worth than I thought. Not only am I an addict but I am becoming a "PUSHER". I want everyone to feel the "high" and embrace it and to help me plan my next fix-this drug is best shared with others in my opinion. I seem to be gaining the support I desire, I know they will all love it as much as I do.

What really is scary is that I have been considering being a “SUPPLIER”. I could find out the best deals before others-really plan ahead, maybe even super deals if I got a large enough group, maybe even become a … (can’t find the right word )… OMG I am so hooked!