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2013-2014 Pearson stopover hotel

Anyone finding good rates for stop over,??

im looking end of December for 11 days,

not finding many deals, also not finding many that offer more than 7-8 days parking included,

You just missed Groupon.com had a deal for overnight hotel with 22 days of free parking for $75. Keep an eye out it might return.

Also keep an eye on the Jaunt.ca website/bulletins. They usually have some good deals too.

My TA got me $109 (plus tax of course) with 15 days parking, late January, early February.
Stopover hotels seem to be a vanishing breed, so I’m not likely to see much better …

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here is a great deal…$75…22 days of parking…

[quote=@monctonguy]here is a great deal…$75…22 days of parking…


thanks monctonguy… I used link and booked hotel… was easy and a great deal !!!

No problem !!

Thats a great site for anyone who lives in Ontario…always deals on hotels and packages. Quite often between the freebies and gift cards they throw in, your actual hotel room is “free”

Glad I could help…

Thanks monctonguy… Just like northerale, I used link and booked hotel… great deal !!!
Not quite sure who bills me yet since both jaunt and the hotel took my credit card info.

Here is another deal…

even better than the last one!!

Nice thing is you can buy now in advance and just use when ready!