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2015 BTB voucher draw


Olive was having problems logging in so here are the details for this years draw.

Default 2015 Beyond the Beach Vacation Giveaway

GREAT news… Melia Caribe Tropical, Punta Cana came through for us…

Vouchers should be back from the printer shortly - here are some of the details…

They are now available, please see below for how to order…remember its all for the “kid’s”

The purchase of an Appreciation Voucher for $10 CDN or $10US or an equivalent international currency gives you the following:

…1 in 600 chances of winning the following prize:

1 week All Inclusive for 2 at the Melia Caribe Tropical, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Along with the hotel package, we (Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation) will make a direct payment to your travel agent or airlines on your behalf up to a value of $1000 Canadian or equivalent international currency toward your airfare.

Vouchers will be available until June 30, 2015 with the draw taking place on July 1, 2015.

Winning prize MUST BE taken between August 15 and December 15, 2015!!

Timeline is tight but, we hope you will support us as you have in the past!

For vouchers, e-mail transfer thru your bank would be perfect. You can send it to m.ruthainsworth@gmail.com security answer: thekids Or if you’d rather do snail : Ruth Ainsworth, 7 Vine Cres., Belleville ON K8N 2L2. Cheques made payable to Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation.


Fabulous news!!! I have sent the call out to my usual group of girls who buy tickets!!!


bump …just bringing this forward.
You can email me for additional information or if you would like to make a $10 donation for your chance to win !!

All proceeds for the kids !!


This should be updated if the vouchers are now available… lots of people wondering when they are available :slight_smile:


Vouchers are available now, but you could have put in an order and bought a ticket before they were ready and you would have received your ticket when they were ready.


Debbie - We’ve asked Chris to modify his post to show the vouchers are now ready. Thanks for noting this as we obviously forgot! Oops!


I’m pleased to report that vouchers are available. I purchased my traditional voucher 001 here in Costambar DR yesterday. A photo was taken and I expect something to be posted by the foundation shortly, given the vaguaries of the internet here.


Bob - finally able to access my Debbies account… photo will be uploaded and posted hopefully tomorrow evening… The weather has been so beautiful, I don’t sign one to internet till after 10 or 11pm…


Saw the photo on Facebook. Thanks for posting dot and thanks to Bob for keeping a tradition alive. I hope ticket 001 is lucky for you.


Me too, but it hasn’t been in the past. But the lucky ones are the kids. It’s all for them. :slight_smile:


Just 3 months until draw date!!! If you want a 1 in 600 chance to win a one week all inclusive to Punta Cana Melia Caribe Tropical contact m.ruthainsworth@gmail.com to buy voucher vial e-transfer - security answer: thekids; Or if you’d rather do snailmail : Ruth Ainsworth, 7 Vine Cres., Belleville ON K8N 2L2. Cheques made payable to Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation.

Winning prize MUST BE taken between August 15 and December 15, 2015!!


We have 78 days until the big draw on July 1st for a fantastic trip to the Melia Caribe Tropical Resort in Punta Cana. There are 140 vouchers left to be purchased out of the 600 that were printed.

If you would like to have a chance in the draw please contact me & I’ll be happy to get you included. Vouchers are $10.00 each; Email money transfer : m.ruthainsworth@gmail.com with the security answer ‘thekids’ OR you can snail-mail me : Ruth Ainsworth 7 Vine Cres. Belleville ON Canada K8N 2L2 cheques can be made payable to “Beyond The Beach Children’s Foundation” The winning prize MUST BE taken between August 15 & December 15, 2015

Help us to continue helping the children of the Dominican Republic !!!


Does your Mom say “I don’t need anything for Mother’s Day”? Well, help a child by donating to Beyond the Beach Children’s Foundation with a voucher… The voucher can be e-mailed to you to print and give her on her day and help someone else’s child!!!

Send an e-mail to Ruth to help out!!!


done :slight_smile:


Just 19 days to the draw… if you haven’t gotten your voucher yet - do it soon so you don’t miss out… Remember it’s all for the Kids of the Dominican Republic!!