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27 Waterfalls

Can anyone tell me about this tour? How much would it be to get there from Sosua and what mode of transportation is best. A bus or taxi? The price seems perfect and it looks like a blast.


I found this posting on Traveler Reviews and thought that it may help you out. I too was curious after seeing your post…

here is the actual link: http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g147288-d627325-r23892526-Damajaqua_Cascades_27_Waterfalls-Dominican_Republic.html

Jan 09 - I undertook to attempt all 27 waterfalls with my female partner in crime.

We began by reaching the visitor lodge ourselves by taking a gua-gua (local bus) from our base in Sosua to Puerto Plata, then another gua-gua towards Imbert (Servicios Locales from Javillo Tours gua-gua stop in Puerto Plata). This was easy and inexpensive.

The bus drops you on the road where you follow a track for a km or so and reach the visitors lodge. We changed and left our bags behind the desk (they were as we lett them upon return, my money and docs intact). The operation appears smooth and organised. It was around 460RD for all 27. We arrived at about midday and it was fine to do them all. After paying you are given a helmet and life-jacket, but need to hire water shoes unless you are able to wear your own (NB - flip-flops are insufficient, but any water shoes like Crocs, or pumps would work).

Then you are led along to the start point. 7 and 12 are the other 2 options - more recommended for the less fit or younger folk, but still exciting. The guides are exceptional in supporting you. There is some swimming required as you climb some of the waterfalls but the guides will get you through if you are a struggler.

Climbing to the top is a good hour at least. Then the fun begins with a shallow jump at number 27 (a test of mettle). Then, it is walk, slide but primarily leap down the river and waterfalls, which is incredible fun. The highest leap was arount 7-8m, but all the pools below are of safe depth.

This activity was hell of good fun, I’ve canyoned down Lipnica in Slovenia but this was just a really good laugh - no ropework and just confronting any latent fears of jumping! Cheap for what you do so I recommend tipping the guides a decent amount (eg 10dollars). I’d do it again if in the DR, it was my favourite activity whilst there.

Any questions or to wonder about anything feel free to message me and I’ll try and advise.

GregD if you are going to post the good you should also post the bad. Although there was some bad in the link you posted with respect to waterfalls # 2 where my son drowned, this is a very dangerous excursion that has resulted in a few deaths, near drownings and many broken bones. I have no problem with anyone going on this tour as long as they are made aware of these risks. I also refer you to another link of actual stories I have recieved over the last couple years of other near drowning and broken limbs. http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g147290-i64-k922810-Damajagua_falls-Puerto_Plata_Dominican_Republic.html
On this link scroll down to the 6 th post.

We arrive on the 26th and we’re doint this for sure. I know there are good and bad, but we weigh the good and bad every day in our lives. When would we get a chance to somthing like this again? Sometimes thrills in life involve danger. Fast cars, skydiving, surfing…even a hockey game with lots of hits.

Yes decisions have to be made in life. My best friend just returned from POP where he did the waterfall trip and bought the DVD of the trip. It scared the heck out of me and he said “never again, I wish I had known.”

Also check this link, a very sad story.


Keep safe.

Since you are this thrill seeker where life or death does not matter, then you really need to try this tour without the life jackets and helmuts. It would be a shame if you benefit from the safety equipment that is now provided on this tour as a result of previous deaths and broken limbs.

Since you are this thrill seeker where life or death does not matter …[/quote]
That’s not really what he said. Everything we do in life has some degree of risk. Otherwise we’d just hide under the bed and hope it didn’t fall on us. I understand where you are coming from and sympathize with your loss, and I’m sure that when they go on the trip as they state they will, they’ll take full advantage of the safety equipment provided.

adodd, you will won’t you?

Cheetah, sorry for your loss! I agree that information provided needs to provide “Good” and “Bad”… But, the poster was simply looking for information about transportation. Indeed I only posted the one point of view, but it is up to the reader (who we all would hope to be intelligent enough to fully investigate the outing, PRIOR to going).

In March we are going to Puerto Plata and I have to tell you, I did a ton of research and then researched my research again and again!! This will be our first trip to the D.R. so you see, I had to take in the good reviews with the bad reviews and then negotiate our way into making the right decisions.

Thanks to Bob from Canada and other veteran D.R. travelers - I feel so confident in our descion(s)!! Thank you all, again!

Newcastle, Maine

Thanks Bob for keepping things grounded. I will be wearing all provided safety equipment. Just because I want an adventure does not mean I won’t do it safely. I play hockey…but wear equipment. I drive a car…but wear a seatbelt. But thank you for the suggestion that I should not wear a helmet or life jacket. I was also thinking of doing it blindfolded.

Cheetah, I am so sorry for youir loss, I too did the waterfall tour I believe it was before you sons death. I remember reading about the accident. I brought home the video of the trip and my husband, who wasn’t with me on the trip, watched it. His coimment to me after was “what were you thinking”. We were not given any helmets or life jackets, we were told that there was a path that we could use if we didn’t want to come back down the waterfalls, when we asked to use the path they told us there was none. It was scary and unsafe in my opinion and I am a person who works out and an excellent swimmer, I would just warn people that the falls can be very dangerous.

I am only trying to make people aware that it is dangerous. I am pleased that life jackets and helmuts are now provided, that the guides “may” have recieved training , and most importantly that a portion of the cost to take this tour goes to the local village. Not too many people do thier research ahead of time on which excursions to do. The locals defintiely will not tell you it is dangerous. Even the days after my sons death it was still advertised as safe for children that could not swim. He was a strong swimmer.

It needs to be promoted to the extreme sports fanatic , not for children, not for seniors.

High water flows is a second problem. The base of the second waterfall has a hidden vortex that will suck you under and keep you there. At the time we went , the guides had no clue what to do. I sure hope they have been trained in rescue operations.

The tour operator I worked for in Puerto Plata REFUSED to sell this excursion because of the safety issues. After watching the video of this excursion, I am relieved that I didn’t have to sell it. But for anyone that is planning to try it - please be careful.

We just returned from Sosua last Friday and while we were down there we went on the 27 Waterfalls trip for the 2nd time. The first time (last summer) the river was low and it was pretty much like going to the waterslides park except with the beauty of the canyons and countryside. Our 15 yr old son and 8 yr old daughter were with us. All of us had a great time and never felt in any danger at all. This time the river was a MUCH different critter after all the recent rains. Much more of an extreme sports adventure involving much climbing with ropes and ladders to get down after having to walk up beside the falls (first time we got to swim and climb up the actual falls). No son or daughter this time and would not have let them do down once we saw what the river was like after the climb. Still a lot of fun but a lot more dangerous. The wife did hurt her foot on one of the jumps when she did not quite hit the right landing area. We still plan on doing ths again in the future but only if the river level is not up.

Just curious, is there an option that is not all 27 of the waterfalls? I’d love to get to see and go through some of the waterfalls but am not really looking for such a strenuous tour.

I’d love to be able to go through the bottom 10 or something.


Ya you can choose i believe from doing 3 waterfalls, 7 waterfalls, possibly 10, and all 27.

Just returned from Puerto Plata, and 9 of us went on the falls, ranging from ages 12-45, and we all agreed it was the highlight of our trip. We only did the first 7 but by the time we got up there, that was enough for us, we were tired. It was a bit scary, but I am normally a chicken with heights, and I am kind of proud of myself and my wife for doing the jumps at #1 and #2. Our guides were Gaby and Gabriel and they were amazing. It was all very exciting, and not all that dangerous, with the life jackets and hemets helping to make things safe

well after reading everyones replies, i think we’re going to go to the waterfalls. Just one more question. Has anyone caught a taxi to them and know what it costs. Or should we just book it thru like Mel Tours or Isaira Tours? Cause i heard its alot cheaper if you find your own ride to them and pay when you get there. Or is it a headache when you don’t use a tour operator?


We booked through an American guy at the Playa Dorada Plaza. We paid $75.00 for four of us for a ride there, plus admission fee of about $9.00 at the waterfalls. But if you’re in Sosua, you could just take a bus to the dirt road for a couple of dollars, and then walk from there. It’s cheapie cheapie that way.