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3star..4 star..or 5 star?

Just wondering people’s views on choosing a 3-5 star resort. We’ve always stayed at 4 or 5 star…and someone said the main difference is the amount of a la cartes or bars???

I’d appreciate your thoughts…thanks

yes that is a big part of it, also beach front comes into play, location and activities. I have done all and honestly we have had our best holidays at 3 stars! We find teh food is just as good but with less selection, yes less a la cartes and the bars may not be 24hrs. I find the rooms can be just as nice depending on the resort too. Each year we decide what we can afford, if we are going with others and then choose what is best for us. With friends we always do 4-5 stars as all our friends don’t travel as much as we do and are wanting “the best” but if it’s just hubby and I then a 3 star is perfectly fine!

I agree with your way of looking at it. For the same money, give me 2 weeks in a 3 star over 1 week in a 4 or 5 star anytime.


right said lin7604,
we spend our anniversary every mid may at the carabela,
often rated very low.
yes, many/most other resorts offer much bigger rooms, even a jacuzzi in it(not that i am against that), or 24/7 room service, 4 more than just 3 a la carte restaurants, but heck.
the first of all is the own budget, and that should be the main decider, because i do not want to work over the whole year extra hours just to efford a 2nd jacuzzi in the same room while i spend most time with the Mrs anyways not inside the room.
for a romantic eve room service for dinner is a great idea, yeap,but not needed every day of the short 1 week vaca, and for a few extra bucks at every resort you get your dinner delivered to the room, just ask with a big and nice smile, don’t order, just ask.
to the a la cartes,
everybody his own,
i prefer for the few days the buffets,
enough selection,
no reservation needed,
so we can go when we feel like dinner,
and not because we have a date know.
of course there are big differences in the provided services of a hotel which charges you just a 100 bucks per couple per night and the ones who charge you a 300 per person per night for a simple AI vacation, but my personal first point is always:
what can we!
and then:
what we want as an little extra.
so within the uppopping deals we take the best deal and enjopy the week witjout a hassle.
happy travel

I have probably stayed at about 20 different A.I.'s in the D.R. and to be honest my absolute favorite is a lower rated resort called the Fun Tropicale in P.O.P. I have stayed at sevral other higher rated properties but I am impressed with the F.T.

It does have a 24/7 ar, great entertainment and wonderful food. The beach club has the best “pollo carbon” I have ever had! (grilled chicken). Probably the only fault I have found in the F.T. is that they do not have Brugal rum! The rooms may be dated but they are clean and they are comfortable.

Just my opinion. If ya want someone carrying champagne on a silver platter…stay away cause you will hate it! If you want a wonderful, clean place…F.T.

Thanks all for your input. Much appreciated…

Like Ottawatom we always go for 2 weeks, so a clean 3 1/2 - 4 star suit us very well.We spend all day at the beach not in the room.

The star ratings really does not speak for the quality of the resort but more what it has to offer. Some Companies give an extra star for having a Disco and a Casino on site! Some of the Tour Brochures now have each catagory broken down so you can see the rating for the areas that really are important to you. For us having more a la cartes is more important then a disco and a casino.

hey Sackie,
so you will be exactly at the right place at the EdenH.
great spot

We certainly hope so! After reading everything I could find on EdeNH I’m sure it will be just perfect for us. Not that I expect it to be perfect - cause we know no one place will be completely perfect. We go to a resort knowing there are bound to be a few things that bug us but we look at the big picture and don’t sweat the small stuff.

sackie, I leave this Saturday for the Edenh, I will let you know all aabout it when I get back. Looking forward to meet PCMike and the Fisherman…

I agree with your way of looking at it. For the same money, give me 2 weeks in a 3 star over 1 week in a 4 or 5 star anytime.


I feel the same Tom…

It seems the higher the star rating the bigger the Resort.

Coming from the country and living in a small village I enjoy some space for myself especially while on holidays and always check the room capacity when booking my vacations.

Did stay at a 4.5 star in Bavaro, the place was huge with 1000 rooms x 2 persons plus children - the buffet was way to big for my liking and that is my personal choice.

While I do enjoy the Palladium resorts - you can choose the Palace with no need to go to the other parts of the complex with everything near by. The lay out of large resorts do play a role.

Stars do matter but all that I really need while away from the everyday hustle and bustle is: white sand, clean room, decent food, friendly staff and of course some cold Presidente.

WE stayed at a 3+ in PP and enjoyed it. When I do my searching it’s for a 4+, however, when I look at the last minute I have a good look at the pictures and go from there. We stayed in a 3+ in Cuba and wouldn’t do that again.

I’ve heard that before xtanker…not recommending people stay in a 3star in Cuba…

We’ve stayed at 3, 4 and 5-star resorts in both PC and PP and I honestly would not want to go anything less than a 4-star at this stage of my travelling life. Just a personal preference, mind you.

You can’t generalize like that. we stayed at a 3 star in Veradero (Barlovento) and it was great.


I have stayed in 3/4/5 stars and like previous replies, depends on what you’re looking for. Me, I just want a clean room, edible food and cold beer…I could care less that I sit in a white gloved ala carte but that’s me. I meet more fun people in the 3/4 stars than the 5.

Hula, beware the fisherman LOVES his little green bottles and maybe slip him a nice bottle of Ontario red wine.

We’re the same…we’re looking for a clean room, half decent food and we like a livelier resort…24 hour all inclusive and a disco! It’s nice to see the positive responses for the 3 star. Thanks!!!

One thing for sure…lots is based on personal expectations and attitude. We go for sun and fun…not to “look for things to complain about”

But you are a Maritimer, brunette, and we all have the right attitude…it is better than snow.

I ask 3 things and these are in order… Good food, clean comfortable room, good times… with those 3 I will have a good vacation…

if you lii at my Sig File you will see where we have stayed, a 3.5 a 4 a 5 and a 4.5

the 4 was really a 2 to me bacause we didn’t like the food… there were 10 of us and we all had complaints, I’m the fussiest eater of the bunch and I probably had the mildest complaints, but enough not to return to that resort regardless of the name on the door…

The rooms were some of the best we had, but if you dread going to the restaurant, it makes for a looooooong week.


After going to the 5* RIO Bachata last year I’ve totally thrown out that rating system…I am in total agreement with many…we’ve had lots more fun at the 3 star resorts…other than the Grand Paladium in Punta Cana ( 5 star all the way ) the rest on the north coast that we’ve been to have been pretty much the same…a few better than others…the best al carts we found were at Casa marina…even the buffet were above average…

Looking forward to two weeks at the Holiday Golden beach ( old Jack Tar)…