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4 wheeler tour


I was wondering if they have a 4 wheeler tour in punta cana like
they do in puerta plata. If they do is it close to the same price and do they pick you up at the resort. We did it last year in pp and it was a blast.


a bit late for the OP but for others seeking the same info…

There used to be Macao Crazy Wheels (quad bikes tours) but I think they are no longer operating.

Caribbean Dream offer 4 wheel quad adventure tours 84$US single / 110$US double (hotel transportation included)

There are many ATV buggy tours (all will provide bus transport to and from your resort)

Excursions Corner have X-treme Buggy Tours - they are stick shift (no automatics) and you need a valid drivers licence. See link for pricing

A less muddy option is Fun Buggys - again stick shift, you need to be 18 and over to drive, they don’t mention if you need a drivers licence or not.

Have fun!


Such a very amazing link!


The most amazing tour is in Macao beach with Punta Cana Party boat.

Hope it help.