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5 1/2 wks until our Wedding & I am in a Knee Brace

I tore my meniscus and I am getting married in Punta Cana in 5 1/2 weeks aboard La Barcaza. Keep your fingers crossed it heals fast…


I hope it heals for you Hula. If not, you can treat it like a large garter.
Wow 5 1/2 weeks, it won’t be long now.

ouch! best of luck, i hope it heals in time.

Hi Hulla How are you doing? i hope you are healing and are going to be good to party and enjoy your special day coming up

thanks Greg, knee is much better will have surgery when I get back…wedding is coming up fast now…

I know it comes quickly. Everyone told us to make sure to take time to enjoy the day as it goes by quickly. We did and we have great memories. We are still looking back at the pictures on a regular basis and saying how much we enjoyed the day and how much fun it was.
Hopefully you can make it to the fiesta this year and we can compare stories. Cathy and I are hosting

We are are trying to work it out as we will be at the Trailer for the week which is just outside Peterborough…will let you know.

Depending on what side of Peterborough you are on, we are not too far from you. Hope you can make it.

It is in Omemee

Come straight down #10 to the 401 and head east. You should be able to do that drive in 45-60 minutes.
How many times can you have a fiesta within and hours drive. Looks like we are allready getting a good turn out of people and its still 5 months away.

Hula, I know it’s torn, but keep icing it down…it will help…don’t wear high heals to your wedding ok as you are asking for trouble lol. See you at the Fiesta.
Dr Brian

hula im going through the same thing, rite now tore mine just before i left for the DR over a mont ago, being a man i figured it would could better on its own, it didnt, now im doing physio on my knee, and walking like a gimp for 3 weeks put my back out, so now im doing chiropractor and ancupuncture for my back,
then through all that they found i need ortho for my feet,
i feel like a clasic car being rebuilt, maybe after all is done i may have to give the roof a paint job