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5 more days.!

I am getting so pumped, i’m climbing off the walls… ;D ;D ;D

haven’t heard much action about the palladium lately… palladium here we come !

Have a fine trip. I share in your excitement. I only hear good things about your hotel. Its sold out for the most part, for the remainder of the season. So that must say something.

yes i agree… when i was booking i originally wanted the colonial section as we are going with a 2 year old but A.T was 400-600 more per person depending on departure day and that was in a standard room yet! SO when Signature dropped their price, we got a suite for less money then A.T’s std room so we booked!!! I kept checking just to see what if i would of waited and i was glad i didn’t as all of jan is sold out especially the weeks we wanted to go.

:slight_smile: Wow! Only 5 more days?!? Seems like just only yesterday you were trying to find the perfect resort!

Have a wonderful time and we look forward to hearing all about it when you get back. :-*

yes it does just seem like yesterday we were chatting about resorts, both of us trying to find the right one…

i will def write a review when i return… :slight_smile:

Have a wonderful time!!
i know what you mean by climbing off the walls :slight_smile: i think i’m rite beside ya

i have been to sandos and really enjoyed it !!! hope you do too… :slight_smile:

oh lin04, i’m sure we will! holidays, ah, takes a lot for me not to enjoy :wink:
it’s so freaken cold here again these two weeks are gonna take forever!

Lin04 Enjoy your tropical break from our Canadian winter Hope you have a fabulous time :sunglasses:

thanks!!! i surely will do so :slight_smile: It’s so freeking cold here for the last month and a half i can’t take it no more. Of course i look at the long range and it’s showing -8 or so when we go, hopefully that changes when i’m gone !!! hehehe… IT’s been the -30 and -40’s for so long now ( -36 right now and our high -20 2morrow and that’s not with a wind chill yet) ,i’m beginning to be numb just thinking about it :frowning: so anything over 0 i will be happy with!

ah hear ya girl!