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§515.574 Support for the Cuban People - How to Comply


Rob: basically what I do not understand is someone offering advice to Cuba travelers based on one trip and reading of the US regulations which travelers realize has little or no relationship to what happens in the real world.

Taking an undefined and totally untested term such as “full time schedule” and presenting an argument that this really means 7 hours per day is something that I cannot understand.


I do not need to show that 7 hours is the definitive number. Instead, I provided an example and it was consistent with what OFAC require. We should be prepared to have a full-time schedule available if asked, because that is what governed our travel to Cuba. OFAC provides examples of compliant and non -compliant activity. A traveller who can show that “free time and recreation” is less than time spent on compliant activities will meet what is asked of them.
What people do with this information is up to them.


What I don’t understand is what did Rob do with the kittens?


He fed them the red herrings, of course.