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6 months stay Juan Dolio

Hi there, I’m new to this forum. I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in the Juan Dolio area from Nov 08 to April 09. I am on a budget and would be bringing my little toy poodle with me. Can anyone tell me where to check for this or if you have names or emails, please let me know. If I cannot find anything before, I am planning to go August sometime for 1 week to find a place. Any help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the site.

This site is mostly geared towards the all-inclusive tourist. The type of information you want may be better found at www.dr1.com


check out http://dr1.com/rentals/Juan_Dolio.html

There is not much for rent according to the listings on DR1

Hi Pakelekia , we are looking for the same staying on a beach front property , long stay of 6 months may be a bit cheaper. We are looking for a month or 2 , not so easy to find with the right , price and then the airfare maybe we will end up with 2 weeks Al again , we have been to DR at least 25 times now we are in the position for a longer break off the resort. Let me know how you fare . Dr1 is a good site for this info as already stated good luck.

I have rented in Juan Dolio in the past and I think the best way to do it is to book a room for a couple of days and look around for an apartment to rent. It is always better to talk price in person. For the couple of days I have stayed in A1’s or Plaza Real. I also rented short term at Plaza Real.(3 1/2 weeks) I rented apartments at Edifico Jurio and Residencia Villas Del Mar. There really are quite a few apartments available in Juan Dolio at just about any price range. There are for rent signs all over. Another way to find out what is available and decent is to go to Guilla’s Cafe on Calle Blvd, and ask around. It is kind of the town hang out and good information can be found there.
Keep in mind that rents have increased because of all the new condo developments. Remember price is ALWAYS negociable!
Early November should be a good time to look because it is still slow season.(not that there is a real high season anymore in Juan Dolio.)
Renting ahead of time or from the internet is always higher price.
Buena Suerte!

Thanks for all your help! I have contacted owner of Plaza Real. I can get 1 week in August to look around. The 6 month price is way too much but will try to negotiate on line. They live in Italy. Funny - they called me from Italy and because their english was not perfect they wanted to know what a 7lb toy poodle was. We laughed when I told him it was a dog, then he said that a dog that small would be fine. Anyway will keep in touch with them.

I also noticed that the all inclusives in August to that area were impossible from Canada. So it looks like I will have to travel air only and then at Plaza Real for a week. Which is not bad and probably cheaper. Again, thanks for all the input. Will keep checking in with all of you in case you find something!

have a super summer, where ever you are.

pakelekia and eltigre62 I have sent you both a PM with more info.

Thanks for all your suggestions. Through Mathilda I think I have found what I am looking for. Am meeting with her in August to look at a place that sounds great. Thanks Mathilda for all your help! From my past visits I absolutely agree that hanging out along the little streets in Juan Dolio are where the best information can be found. I also met some amazing people from Canada and around the world! Am looking forward to my winter!!

It sounds like you made a great contact with Matilda. She has helped many people going on vacation or moving to Juan Dolio. I used to go to her store at Plaza Azul at least 3 times a week when I lived on Calle Blvd. Unfortunately I never got to know her back then.
I agree that you will be meeting interesting people from all over the world in JD. That is another reason I liked living there. I even met a man and his wife that lived in JD who was from the same (VERY)small town in Maine where I grew up. It really is a small world!

I’ve sent you a pm, hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hola Dulce , I did not get a pm, I an still interested in Juan dolio , maybe after Pakelekia goes in August, will we get more info on rental in this area, I f you have time forward a pm . thanks

PM forwarded.
I am sure Pakelekia will have much more up to date info than I personally do when she returns.

Hola Dulce. Received your pm, thank you. I will absolutely let you all know what’s new. When I return near end of August I will update all of you on what I found, etc. I am so excited about being out of the snow this winter!!

I have another question. When I called the DR Embassy in Ottawa she told me not to bother with the resident visa before I go. She said just to bring the documents required and go to Santo Domingo after 2 months and register then. Another friend of mine sid not to bother with it at all that I will just have to pay a departure tax when I go home in April of about $168.00. Does anyone know what I really should be doing? Are there charges to have anything translated? Any help would be appreciated.

I never got a resident visa. I just paid what the fee was at the end of my stays (if they even bothered to charge me). It looks like you will pay $500 pesos for the time you are there.

I believe these are still the current charges for overstay of tourist card:
15 Days - 3 Months: $300 Pesos
3 Months - 9 Months: $500 Pesos
9 Months - 1 Year: $2000 Pesos
1 Year - 1.5 Years: $3500 Pesos
1.5 Years - 2 Years: $4500 Pesos
2 Years - 2.5 Years: $6000 Pesos
2.5 Years - 3 Years: $8000 Pesos
3-5 Years: $12000 Pesos
5 Years+: $15000 Pesos

[quote=@dulce]I never got a resident visa. I just paid what the fee was at the end of my stays (if they even bothered to charge me). It looks like you will pay $500 pesos for the time you are there.

I believe these are still the current charges for overstay of tourist card:
15 Days - 3 Months: $300 Pesos
3 Months - 9 Months: $500 Pesos
9 Months - 1 Year: $2000 Pesos
1 Year - 1.5 Years: $3500 Pesos
1.5 Years - 2 Years: $4500 Pesos
2 Years - 2.5 Years: $6000 Pesos
2.5 Years - 3 Years: $8000 Pesos
3-5 Years: $12000 Pesos
5 Years+: $15000 Pesos[/quote]


Thank you so much. I feel better now about that whole visa thing. I won’t have to bother with forms and pictures then. Thanks again.

Well, I have returned from Juan Dolio. I found a gorgeous apartment through Matilda at the Albatros. It is a secured complex that is 1/3 owner occupied, 1/3 hotel and 1/3 time share. The rent is great but will be going up each year from now on. The condos going up are crazy, I think I counted 8 and the starting price is $380,000.00 US. My apt. rent includes A/C, wireless, electricity, gas and everthing else. Beautiful view on the Carribean, pool, jacuzzi. It is furthest along Calle Blvd. Walking is a must unless you have a vehicle of some sort, to mini-mart, etc. 15 minutes to San Pedro to shop. Met Raul motoconcho who said he will take me for groceries when I need them, was quite reliable during my week. Guilia’s restaurant was great, breakfast each morning. Met many people from all over, many locals, too. I think I have found “My palm tree” for the winter. Matilda manages my condo so she will fill it will groceries from my list just before I arrive, including big water bottle, beer and basics. Has already gotten my cell phone and will activate is just before I arrive so I can give the # to family. She is absolutely amazing. Our birthdays are close together in November so we are planning a party. Also planning Christmas together as my son will be down. Prices for groceries are a bit higher than going to San Pedro but not bad. Matilda’s store at Azul has lots and good prices. Cigarettes are $24 - $30 US depending on where you go. The amazing thing was the Avocados grown on the island, huge and about 10 cents. A lunch in itself. Living in DR is cheap once you pay your rent. So it will be quite affordable for me. Plane ticket bought, got my shots (Hep A&B, Typhoid) For my dog, Rabies and Pavro 30 days before I go, and vet letter 15 days before I go. Don’t need anything to go back in April. I still have to get my travel insurance (Very important!) Also, most of the construction workers are Haitians and live in huts just off main blvd. So not a good idea to go out after 5 pm alone and don’t wear your jewellery at night. Hope this helps. Am working 24/7 right now with a day off rarely until season ends October 31 (golf course) Will check this sight when I can to answer any questions you may have. Have a wonderful time in DR, enjoy the people, the weather, the sea, I sure will.

have a blast down there,
this is a wonderful country everywhere,
and with Matilda you can’t go wrong

I am so glad that you had a chance to post about your trip. It sounds like you are all set. I am excited for you! I have been to Albatros before. It is way at the end of the street. The only problem there is no street lights to walk at night. You will find that you will have many protectors in JD. Once you get to be known around town people will watch your back for you.
I have been keeping up on the condo developments in JD so it was good to see your observation of 8 projects being built.
I have read on one website that there are 35 new projects being planned and sold in JD. I kind of thought that that was an exaggeration by the promoters.
Have some fun for me!