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A Cautionary Tale

That’s a terrible situation.
Hope that an arrangement can be made for her to go. Maybe like the “Promise to Appear” the kid from Ontario got last time.

It is remarkably sad that a child should loose his life this way (or any way).

No matter what the country, when you are not in Canada, local laws and rules are what they are. Being a Canadian or a Brit, should not come into play. If the reverse was the situation. And I use a silly example only to illustrate. If you are from England and drive on the side of the road you do at home…In Canada you would be in lots of trouble, and the excuse that is what we do at home, would not be a legal excuse. While my heart breaks for this parent… She was in Cuba and that is Cuban law.

What a terrible tragedy. Condolences to the family, and others affected.

A friend was hit by a scooter while she was crossing a street in Varadero last year. The scooter was driven by a Canadian woman, and she had two kids on it. They were all wearing helmets, but the helmets were adult-sized, not child-sized. The youngest child sustained very serious injuries because of the helmet … it was so heavy it almost ripped his head off.

Such a sad way to end a vacation, and a good reminder to all of us to put safety first.

Thanks for the link, that’s a very sad story. It’ no shock that these things happen. Too many people become care-free on a holiday and local laws and language will always work against you in any foreign country.
So sad.

It’s a tragic situation from all aspects… the Mom will live with that horrible guilt for the rest of her life and the Cubans are as usual taking an inexplicable amount of time for a simple traffic accident investigation. Their so called justice system is infuriating.

I wonder who’s picking up the tab for her weeks in the most expensive hospital in Cuba…


Man, what a crap situation for all involved… I really hope the Cubans wake up, complete their investigation and allow this to move forward… The “no information and no contact” aspect of their justice department is soooooo frustrating…


Good news.

Thank goodness.


I think everyone who travels and rent a car should respect signs in country you are traveling. Another thing. I have question. What would happen if police see baby or toddler on motorcycle with an adult in Canada? What about if that person caused an accident? How long if you are guilty causing an accident it would take for person to be released in Canada? Media writes what they want to write to make a story.

here was a post on another forum that for me caused me to question what the motive was. they said it was for a story as the closing line of the post. but it did get me thinking as it was shortly after this story appeared in the news. when I offered some information about the legal system in Cuba and questioned WHY they were asking the question, there was a real defensive feel to their response.

in summary…it is remarkably sad that a child has lost his life and a family is morning the loss. but what charges would be laid in a situation like this in Canada? child riding as a 2nd person on a scooter with an adult helmet and the driver’s fault caused the accident???

The charge in Canada could be dangerous driving causing death, or criminal negligence causing death.

rather serious charges… for some reason as said by others… the focus is on having to stay in Cuba until the trial, while a bit remarkably slow, I guess that is what made for a “good story”. But it does bring to light (2) cautionary tales. Bad things can happen on vacation, and when you are not at home different laws/rule prevail.

[quote=@madrugada]The charge in Canada could be dangerous driving causing death, or criminal negligence causing death.
That would be my guess also, and I doubt Canada would allow the person to leave either, except on compassionate grounds, and decisions like that generally take a little time before they are made. Conditions of release usually involve some sort of assurance that you will show up for trial. (unless, of course, your last name is Bieber!)

Apparently the case in Cuba in now closed and the mother is not required to return.

As I repeatedly post on all forums ‘anyone renting a vehicle on a 1/2 week vacation in a foreign country “is a fool”’!

Agreed, especially when driving on roads that are full of pot holes, cracks and in badly need of repair.

As it, there are many complaints from tourists about the bumpy ride resulting from such poor road conditions, when taking the train ride to and from the hotels, to the natural beaches in Cayo Largo.
Cayo Largo is an island and the main traffic is tourist related.