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A Few General Questions


I have a few questions about traveling to Punta Cana.

I know there will be towels in our rooms, but do they provide BEACH TOWELS? Should we take our own from home? I am just trying to pack light, since we are going with all 4 of our children.

Also, I have already purchased the Pepto and the Mylanta, but will there be enough bottled water in our rooms etc. for the entire stay? I guess we should use it to brush our teeth and rise our toothbrushes. Should we take some from home?

Last but not least, (for now) We are staying at the Bavaro Princess for 8 days. We don’t really plan on leaving the resort. How much cash should we take?

This will be our first "real" family vacation, aside from long weekends in the motorhome or camping, so we are very new to this. Any help would be wonderful and appreciated.


Hi bobbie - welcome to Debbie’s :slight_smile:

How fun to be taking your first real family vacation! The Bavaro Princess is a very nice resort - I was there in 2002 and loved it then, but they have since done some major renovations and the place is even better now.

You mention that you’re taking 4 kids - how old? I ask because this is a very large resort - the walking may be a tad tough on little feet. Be sure to take advantage of the shuttle that runs throughout the property…it’s excellent, and runs constantly.

ANYWAY, on to your questions…

Yes, the resort does provide beach towels. You’ll be given a towel card upon check-in - one per person - which you can exchange for a fresh towel (1 per card) whenever you need one. Just be sure that you do not lose any of your cards or towels as you will be billed for them upon checkout.

Bottled water is available everywhere…in your room fridge, at the bars, etc. You won’t have any trouble finding any. Tap water is not potable, so do not use it for brusing your teeth - stick to the bottled water.

How much money you need depends on a lot of different variables: will you be doing any tours or sight-seeing? Most tours are in the ballpark of $80USD per adult. Do you plan on doing any shopping? There’s really not a whole lot to buy…coffee, t-shirts, paintings, alcohol…all of which are relatively cheap (or as our Dominican friends say, “cheapy cheapy” ;D).

We usually bring about $100USD for tipping for a one-week trip - but that depends entirely on personal preference. Some tip, some don’t.

You’ve found the right place to ask all of your DR questions. There are quite a few people on the forums who have been to the Bavaro Princess more recently than I, so plenty of folks around to answer any questions that may pop up :slight_smile:



Ditto to everything that Lyndsey said! You mentioned that you’ve already purchased Pepto & Mylanta - I would suggest leaving the Mylanta at home (because I think Pepto does the same job) and instead bring along some Immodium (store brand works just as well as the name brand & is much cheaper). Many people experience some, uh, digestive adjustments in reaction to the food & alcohol so Immodium comes in handy for that. Also, be sure to keep your mouth closed in the shower - it’s easier to ingest that water than you think, and then you’ll definitely need the Immodium :wink: Have a wonderful trip! :slight_smile:


You guys are great! I have come up with another question for ya…

What is the "dress" for dining in the restaurants? Do men have to wear dress pants?

Thanks for all of your great info!



In general long pants are required for dinner in the A LA Carte restaraunts and nice shorts are tolerated in the buffets for dinner. I have found that a loose pair of Docker style pants and a loose fitting Hawaiian/Tropical style shirt is the most comfortable



Are blue jeans acceptable as long pants? Or do they have to be dressy type pants?


You probably REALLY do not want to be wearing blue jeans down there…hot, heavy and sticky.

I’ve seen people do it, but they always looked out of place - just my opinion :slight_smile:

When are you going anyways?


Thanks! We are going this June for 8 days! The children are so excited and so are we for that matter.