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A few last minute questions re; Panama


We are leaving for Toronto Tomorrow and flying out Monday morning. I have just a few last minute (silly) questions.

  1. Is it a good idea to leave small items for the locals/maids? We were in Cuba and it was greatly appreciated however I am not sure if it would be correct to do this in Panama. We are staying at the Decameron.

  2. I am taking a digital camera. I am just curious what everyone does. Do you generally leave the the pics on your card? download the pics while you are there and if so, what is the most efficient way to do this? Do you have your own website on yahoo? My concern is that if all the pics are left on your card and you lose your camera- you’ve lost it all. Any suggestions would be appreciated. :wink:


For the maids, we left $1 or $2 US each day. Unlike in Cuba, the Panamian people have easy access to most of the amenities (toothpaste, cosmetics, etc.). Their wages are quite low though so money is always helpful.

One thing we did do was bring some Canadian t-shirts which were very well received. Anything with Canada on it (hats, pens, pins, etc.) for your favourite bartender/maid/manager I’m sure would be much appreciated.


Thanks Heatseeker … definately helpful. I know I have some canada pins and will pick up a few things on route tomorrow. 2 more sleeps!!


Hi. We were at Decameron for 2 weeks last Nov. Each morn, we left the maid $1 U.S., a mini choc. bar (the kind you give at Halloween) and some kind of cosmetics (samples or gift pack items I would receive such as lipstick, eye shadow) or lotions, etc.
We also brought down some ball caps and gave to any workers we saw that did not have one.
It all seemed to be so greatly appreciated.