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A La Cartes - Do you partake?

Bluebombergirl’s thread started me thinking how many make use of the a la cartes at resorts.

I prefer not to as I have to dress up every day for work and would rather spend vacation in shorts and a t-shirt with Crocs or sandals and sans socks.

The wife on the other hand enjoys them as opposed to the buffet all the time.

How about you? Do you make use of them as much as possible or is it somehting that you find a nuisance, as do I??

I love to go to the a la Carte’s at the resorts just so it is a change from the buffets.

I do not mind dressing up now and again but if it is hot in the restaurant or if it is an outdoor restaurant is can become uncomfortable for the guys since they have to be in long pants.

In May my DH said he thought he was going to stroke off due to the heat in the A la carte. One of my sons refused to put on a dress shirt and long pants and went as he was and no one complained as half of the people in the A a carte’s were wearing shorts, sandals, etc…

Freedom Ryder 8-)…

We do tend to try the a la carte restaurants just to break up the routine of the buffet. We don’t usually find it to be a nuisance. However, I always read the reviews ahead of time so we have a pretty good idea of whether it is worthwhile to try a particular spot if it’s hard to get a reservation. (Generally, we tend to like the Asian and Cuban restaurants better than the seafood or steak places, simply because we prefer cold-water fish and seafood and because the beef tends to be not so great in Cuba. And the Italian restaurants tend to have great pizza at lunch).

:slight_smile: We always use the a la cartes that are available. We like to get really dressed up in the evenings (we don’t do that too much at home) and treat our evenings like “date night”, whether it’s the buffet or the a la cartes. Just part of our vacation experience.

Oh, and we’ve never had to wait too long in line to make any a la carte reservations. But I’ve certainly seen long line-ups at certain “stations” at the buffets and those line-ups I don’t bother with. :-*


Nothing says romance liking getting dressed up for Las Trinas followed by a walk on the beach with a bottle of wine.

I personally love the a la cartes… It’s a nice break from the buffet and there is a lot less people so you can actually hear the other people at your table talk!!! We don’t really dress up for then either.Capri’s or skirts/skorts is what we wear nothing fancy.Ive seen people in there with shorts on and no one seemed to care…Also we usually book the first day we are there or if we are in late the next morning because they fill up so fast!!

I’m going to Varadero in 25 days and am planning to use the a la cartes (based on the reviews I’ve read) but ultimately it will depend on how much time I will have to stand in line to make reservations. I’ve read about some people emailing the resort ahead of time to make reservations. Does this work? Can anyone do it?

Only go to a la cartes if it’s easy to make a reservation - I refuse to line up at 8 in the morning on my vacation to make a reservation. We always dress up for dinner even if it’s only the buffet - after a day on the beach it’s nice to shower and dress up for the evening.

I always did, but now I travel with my son, and he’s at that age where he’s just a little too restless for a formal sit-down dinner. Even if I were to go to the earliest seating (usually 7:00 p.m.), it is still too close to his bed time, so I prefer not to impose that on other diners :wink: !

As soon as he’s old enough to sit for an hour-long meal, I’m definitely planning to enjoy the à-la-carte restaurants again.

We go the buffet route till we (I) get sick of it then we go out to a restaurant in Varadero

I’m with you on that one, Spike.
I’m up and around anyways, but just the idea of standing in a line bothers me.
We enjoy them when we go, but don’t get bothered if we miss out.

We like to try the a la cartes as a break from the buffet and a chance to enjoy a little more formal and quiet meal. Although if I had to line up for more than a few minutes to make reservations I probably wouldn’t bother.

we to like to get dressed up in the evening and make a big deal of it :slight_smile: alacart or buffet:) that being said…some of the better meals I’ve ever had are in those alacarts :slight_smile:

i always go to la cartes i like Mexican so i only uselly book it, i go for 2 weeks and most times i can go there 4 times i don’t care for the other 2 la cartes not that there bad just the buffet is fine for me the rest of the time

I like to ‘graze’, so à la cartes aren’t high on my to-do list. If I was at a large resort where the buffet area was noisy, I might be more inclined to frequent the à la cartes, although I couldn’t imagine standing in line to make a reservation for supper a few nights away.

I dress up every night for dinner. I like to do it. Hubby dresses smartly with nice golf shorts and a nice golf shirt or button down shirt. On a la carte nights, we both go a little more high end. We like to. We had fun on our Sandals vacation in Jamaica dressing for dinner, and so now we always do.

We try to book for each a la carte that we are entitled to, as we welcome the change, and the opportunity to try different cuisines, and the chance to strut our stuff! LOL

I’m with you on that one, Spike.
I’m up and around anyways, but just the idea of standing in a line bothers me.
We enjoy them when we go, but don’t get bothered if we miss out.[/quote]

spike and ontgunner,I couldn’t have said it any better than you two!! ;D

Actually to touch base on Spikes comments about having to line up to make reservations and what a bother it is. I actually email the hotel and make my reservations and then when I get there my tickets are waiting for me. I also make sure to have a little something for the person that I’ve been emailing to. I also book my room ahead. It works out great and the Cuban people are so accomodating.

I have done the same and just received a very nice letter back from the Resort and apparantley they have booked our alacartes for us. We usually try to go to 1 but hubby is pretty much on the same page as spike and ontgunner… why line up to make a reservation when you can just go to the buffet and help yourself!

It depends on our mood for that day.
We do enjoy the al a carte bit of the nice shirt, pants and my wife loves to dress up then off to the dance floor ( date night is always good ! ) It is nice tho to just get a quick meal at the buffet and then grab a few drinks and a beach evening stroll.
Of course , sometimes on those strolls we " run out of gas " and have to park :wink:
The evening buffets at the Barcelo in Cayo Largo were actually better than the al a cartes IMO.