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A little sad


Well, I am just a little sad. I put off making my hotel reservations to see if my husband was going to be able to go and when I went to make the reservations the dates I planned to go were no longer available. BUT I did get dates for the following week and make the change on my airline ticket so I am still going and for the same amount of time.

I am still sad though for 2 reasons-1) As you can see from my ticker, I now have another week of waiting!! :frowning:
and 2) It doesn’t look like my husband will be able to make this trip with me. :frowning: (Guess I will have to work out that sadness with some extra shopping while I am there ;D).

For everyone with only days to go- Yay for you and have a great time!!! :sunglasses:



I volunteer to do a little extra shopping to help you work through the sadness :wink:




IM GAME TO DO SOME SHOPPING TO HELP ASWELL :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



Hi this is our first time going there can you tell us where the best place to shop



Wow to you’s that are gone in a week or two!! whoo hoo!
Vyro, you may be there while we are there, i think i have about 10 weeks left to go… geez that seems long doesn’t it??
but on the up side… we are going to Panama! cool


Veronica, you know I would love more than anything to join you. But alas, we are leaving in a few days. Oh to be independently wealthy. sigh

Lynn: It will be here before you know it.

TC: You are almost there

NecesitoSol: Who knows, we could very well run into each other and not even know it. lol


Lynnb- I will be at Decameron from 3/24 to 4/1 (I usually prefer a 2 week stay but when I go without my husband, I make it a shorter stay.)
TC- I prefer Albrook Mall for my shopping.
NecesitoSol & Bebbie- I have to say, I am a little jealous that your are heading out so soon but still happy for you and hoping you have a great trip.
Bebbie- also I am looking forward to hear what you think of the growth at the resort. Do you know what building you are in yet?

Esperando a Marzo!!!


Hi Veronica, thats too bad your husband can’t make it, but usually shopping gives the spirits a lift :D.

I will be there the same time as you as LynnB, We are at the Decameron from Mar 26th until Apri 9th… :-*

LynnB-- We haven’t been getting the weather that you have been getting, you guys have had it pretty rough this year. We are still having spring like weather here in Ontario, If it does snow I hope that is is when we are in Panama…(lol) :wink:


Veronica: No idea what building we will be in. Was considering requesting a specific one, but we decided to be surprised. I will let you know what we think of the expanse. Gee…it was big before. Speaking of which…the night entertainment area, has the seating area expanded too. Guess no chance of it being padded either…lol.

Kelley: Ha ha, we think alike. I am wishing/hoping that if it has to snow heavy, let it happen the day after we depart for Panama. I want nothing to delay our flight.


ahhh my friends, we got a dump last nite that you wouldn’t/couldn’t believe!!! I don’t mind the snow (we have two 4 wheel drive vehicles - geez that sounds like one of the "ya know ya live in the north when…) but it’s the -26 with windchild -37! tonite it’s gonna hit -50 with wind and tomorrow -44.


Lynnb: Book yourself a flight immediately and head to Panama. lol Why wait? wink


ahhh wishful thinking.
update, only -44 for tonite/tomorrow. whew, worried there a bit :wink:


Bebbie- they have not enlarged the night enterntainment area nor have they added any padding (even with my extra padding- I definately would have loved for any padding on the chairs or bleachers.)

After reading all your posts about the cold and snow, I am appreciateing my (only) chilly weather here in Kentucky. I now see it could be so much worse.



Hi we are to fly out on Monday and a bad storm is to hit here on Sunday night so we will be leaving for Toronto on Sunday during the day so my vacation starts on Sunday yay
we ar so excited to go!!!



Only 3 more sleeps, you lucky girl! Are you packed?



Oh im all packed lol just doing all the little things for all the kids now its comming so fast and we will be traveling with aparty of 33 people so should be a blast :slight_smile:



Oh my i just looked at mt counter and cant belive its here

we booked this trip last May long wait