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A thank you for the maids


After reading many posts, I will leave both money and gifts for the maids. What do I write on their gift bags (Spanish or English) so they know that it’s for them? I know what to say in English but I’m at a loss for the Spanish. Please help!!


Hola. There’s already a thread in this forum. See “Thank You Notes in Spanish”. The last posted message was October 30th. This should answer all your questions.


Some resorts I’ve stayed at require a staff member to show proof that they have received the money as a gift. It is not a pleasant thought but some are actually searched before they can go home. So therefore a note would be proper just in case that is the resorts policy


stillgotit is bang on. A few years ago we had a room that overlooked the employee entrance. And, yes, every knapsack was searched as the employees left the property.
The note is a VERY GOOD IDEA. If they can’t show that the item has been given to them as a gift, they could be sacked. Anything we leave has always been left on the bed along with the note. Nothing else in the room has ever been touched, even money left on the dresser.


We just returned from POP and thanks to this site we preprinted out notes that we just added our rooom number to. This was easy and the maid appreciated it. We also gave trinkets and such out to other staff and almost always we were asked to sign off on a note.
We think one of our biggest hits was pins with the Chritmas holiday theme on them. We picked up them up at one of the Dollar stores and had many different styles to them. I even gave a Christmas tie to our bellhop.


Last year when we gave one of the gardeners a baseball hat, he gestured to us that he needed a note. I didn’t have any paper with me, but I did have a pen. With sign language he told me to write our name and room number on his arm! We all had a good laugh over that, and he continued merrily on his way. . . very pleased with his new hat!

Cat :smiley:


Thanks. That reminded me that I haven’t done that yet!


I always like to tip our maid daily, and if possible in person, as it would be a shame to leave a week’s worth of tips on the day your maid is off.

For sure!


Last time I got brown paper lunch bags and decorated them in colorful markers with festive designs saying both muchos gracias and thank you and my name on them. Inexpensive, colorful and served as suprise wrapper and note.

all the best,


Great Idea!


So, I wonder what happens to the stuff people give away without leaving notes. Does it stay in the hotel? Does it go in the garbage?


At the caribe club princess we saw a basket in the little store with all types of hair clips and stuff like that…we wondered if that was stuff from the maids ?? the clips looked like dollar store stuff…just a thought


Jimmy–that got me thinking—how many hair clips does maid service recieve and how many do they actually need!!! Maybe they can trade them in at the store for $$$ which leads me to think maybe I just better stick to $$$$.

Last year we left several shirts with our favourite batender and he too needed a note and was very concerned about being able to get them home…we spoke to the general manager and he signed the note that we gave the bartender to ensure they got out----Tommy Hilfiger is huge with these guys! :wink: