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A tricky Question RE: Permanent Residency Status


Hello good posters of DDT!

A question for the masses, and awaiting an answer, good or bad.

A member of the group travelling with us to the DR this March has this situation.

She was born in the US of A, but was raised in Canada.

She has her US passport, Canadian drivers licence, and all other Canadian document’s, yet she lacks her Permanent Residency card.

Is there any other way that she could travel, and be accepted back into Canada upon returning, as it looks like they may not get the documents in time of travel (a couple of mishaps by the good ole Government you know).

We were thinking maybe a notarized letter, or something along those lines?

Any and all suggestions, or definitive answers would be MOST appreciated here!

Thanks in advance.

Debbie’s Dominican Fiesta Committee


I’d want to be really sure I had some solid advice on this one, buddy. Has this person tried soliciting the assistance of their local MP’s office? Those folks are an amazing source of information and knowledge.


[quote author=meandfamily link=board=general&thread=1106525240&start=1#0 date=1106532857]Jimmy,
I’d want to be really sure I had some solid advice on this one, buddy. Has this person tried soliciting the assistance of their local MP’s office? Those folks are an amazing source of information and knowledge.[/quote]

I know!

She is awaiting an answer currently, as far as I know.

I am just trying to probe and see if there has been anyone else who has encounterred this situation.

Looking for all possible avenues to explore.

She is currently trying to secure her Permanent Residency.

Debbie’s Domincan Fiesta Committee



There is a process with the government in which you can obtain a temporary travel document. Check the above link for details. Good luck!


Unless she has already applied for a PR card, she may have a real problem. I am speaking as a landed immigrant from the U.S. as well, awaiting my PR card as well. Canadian Immigration is getting VERY pissy about this kind of thing (speaking from experience).

Your best bet is to call the Call Centre. They are remarkably helpful. What she MAY have to do is travel to the States in a private car (not a bus, not a train, not a plane) and go to the Canadian Consulate in either Buffalo N.Y. or New York City, and obtain a temporary travel document. When she returns to Canada, she should not USE this document, but keep it for her return from the DR.

This is the advise that was given to ME from the Call Centre. However, it may not be applicable to her case. I’ve gotten great advise from them on how to get around stuff.

The problem of just using her Canadian Driver’s license as her identification is that on the Custom’s form, they ask you for your citizenship…

At the same time you are doing all of this, I would definitely pursue any avanues available through her MP.

Best of luck and let us know how things work out. (She has my deepest sympathy!!!)


P.S. It is my understanding that once they have opened the envelope containing her application for the PR card, you can then fax a copy of your plane tickets and they can put a rush on it. The trick is they have to open the envelope. I mailed my application in November, and they still have not opened it.


Thank you for the advice, as I will pass all of the information on to her.

It is getting close, and we would hate for her to lose her money over something like this, and not have her with us on vacation.

Once again, thanks.

Debbie’s Dominican Fiesta Committee


Hey Scoobster,

I went through what Rose is going through last year. It was brutal. I never heard about the PR card until I went to put my money down.

Rose is dead on with her information so I won’t repeat it.

There is another way around this. The PR card is all about security, and mostly in the air. She could fly to the DR (from the Province you are from) but fly back to the states and walk or drive across the border. If you are on the east coast it might not be such a hassle. West coast could be time consuming.
So that you know, the closest American Embassy to DR is in Haiti.

Best wishes.


Hi Sandwalker,

Welcome to Debbie’s.

I’m not sure exactly what the purpose of this information is but I just want to make sure that no one misunderstands that there is also a US Embassy in the DR, in Santo Domingo



Hi Jimmy, we had this problem last year with my son-
He was born in Montana USA, but has lived here 16 of 17 years. We didn’t have a Canadian passport for him until the last minute (we rushed to get it) as we were advised if he had a Canadian passport he would be fine. (He obviously has a US birth certificate, so we couldn’t use that as his ID along with his Canadian D/L)

He was totally fine…
Is there any way for her to get a Canadian passport?
But please don’t take my word for it, check it out with Canadian immigration, there could be different issues with each case.

Good luck!! :slight_smile:


This is not DR related, so Gregg or Wud can delete it if you wish. I just thought you guys would find it amusing, especially if you have had any dealings with Canadian Immigration.

I got a call yesterday from a lady who said she had received some documents in the mail that were intended for me. She inadvertently opened it because she too was expecting something from Immigration. Rather than send the package back to Sydney, NS she found my phone number and called me to ask if I wished to pick them up. When she gave me her address I realized that that was where I was living 12 years ago when I landed. Sigh…Now bear in mind that virtually every piece of paper enclosed in my application had my current address etc.

Once they open the envelop with your application, you can track it’s progress on line. I would advise anyone going through this process to check daily, if not twice a day to see what they are doing with your application.



[quote author=Gregg link=board=general&thread=1106525240&start=7#0 date=1106622026]
I’m not sure exactly what the purpose of this information is but I just want to make sure that no one misunderstands that there is also a US Embassy in the DR, in Santo Domingo


My apologies on suggesting that the closest American Embassy was in Haiti. I should have validated that information before I posted.

Thanks Gregg for the correction.

24 Sleeps


This is not directly related to your particular problem as you have already sent in your app. For those who have not sent in their apps, ask for the expediting stickers.

The problem Wendy mentioned about our son was that we had never registered him as foreign born citizen nor thought to obtain a Citizenship card until we were told we needed one to obtain a passport.

We went to immigration to get the papers and were told that it could take 4-6 months to obtain it. I told the person behind the counter that we were leaving in two months but this illicited little consideration. Before leaving, an elderly security guard, who had overheard my conversation, told me to get back in line and ask for the stickers that are placed on the envelope and on an accompanying cover letter attached to the app. The cover letter is the explanation as to why the app should be expedited.

These stickers let the people know at the other end that this envelope is to to be placed in the immediate pile.

We received the Citizenship card in 2 1/2 weeks. I was totally amazed at how fast we got it. As for the passport the Richmond, BC office is super, less than 2 weeks.



Once again, I must thank all of you for your great insight, and views.

The person in our group requiring the PR card has just been informed that it is being mailed back to her, due to an error!

She now has her US passport, her travel documents (from our travel agent), and is going to be re-submitting her application once she receives the application back again.

The problem here is that we live in Trenton, and the office is in Newfoundland, so she is going to "bite the bullet" so to say, and pay for Purolator to overnight her application, and include a return overnight to ensure that she will receive it prior to our departure.

I will definitely inform her of your advice Jim, as it looks like this will be her only avenue to follow at this time, as we leave in 5 weeks!

Thanks again!

Debbie’s Dominican Fiesta Committee


What I dont understand (maybe I missed something) is why doesn’t the person just travel back to Canada on the US passport? ???

[b]As an American citizen permanently resident in Canada legally, they are supposed to have complied with new government regulations requiring a new PR (Permanent Residency) Card. This person has not done so and is concerned that they might be refused re-entry because of this. Because their ID will have a Canadian address they should be asked for their PR Card and thus - the problem.



NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! They don’t accept packages from couriers!!! You have to send it by regular mail. I sent my registered, just so I would have evidence that they actually got it.

Incidentally, they told me it would take three months to even open my application. On the first page of my application was a stamp dated TWO DAYS after I had mailed it.



I went through this last year. I am an American who married a Canadian. Because I knew I could not get the card on time we ended up flying out of Minneapolis, a 6 hour drive for us.

For what ever stupid reason, at the time you could drive across without the card, but needed the card to fly into Canada.

We just flew into Winnipeg yesterday and they asked me for my permanent residence card. Not sure what they would have done if I didn’t have it and wouldn’t want to find out. :frowning: I travel with a U.S. passport.

I hope all works out. I know it can be very frustrating. ::slight_smile:



Just out of curiosity, was this lady cautioned about the PR card at the time of booking, and/or aware of this requirement, or was this an oversight that has cropped up since?




[b]"The permanent resident (PR) card is a wallet-sized, plastic status card that replaces the paper IMM 1000 Record of Landing document for travel purposes. On December 31, 2003, the permanent resident card became the proof of status document required by permanent residents seeking to re-enter Canada on a commercial carrier (airplane, boat, train or bus).

Permanent residents seeking to return to Canada who are without a permanent resident card may contact the nearest Canadian visa office to obtain a limited use travel document to re-enter Canada at a cost of $50 for each one."[/b]


You da man Gregg!

Most helpful!



After having taken the time to read the information provided by our trusty Gregg, and the great post from the others (thank you Rose), it looks like the best avenue for our friend will be to get to the Canadian Visa detachment in Buffalo, as the waiting times listed on the Government website are not looking good.

Thank you to everyone, as this has been even more helpful than I anticipated, but then again, I should have known with this forum, and the great people who post here, that I would receive the great support.

On behalf of Sabrina, I thank you for the information, as you may have just saved her from doing the wrong thing (re-submitting instead of gaining a temporary pass).

Debbie’s Dominican Fiesta Committee