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A warning to all at Palladium Bavaro

After such a great holiday at the Grand Palladium Bavaro resort it is with a little sadness that i have to write about the following.

I know that we have read many times about credit card fraud. Whilst on holiday we used the services of the hotels proffessional photography department. Luckily, i had the cash in US dollars. However, my brother in law did not and wanted to pay via his credit card. He was told by the staff that the credit card machine was broken. They were very appologetic and offered to take him to the nearest ATM machine to allow him to withdraw funds, which although reluctant, he accepted. On his return to the UK he has found his card cancelled as it has been cloned and fraudulent activity has taken place.

I’m not saying that this happens everywhere, but for anyone travelling to the Palladium resorts please ensure you have cash to pay for these services to avoid any problems.


Oh, man, what a bummer! That’s such an ugly end to a wonderful vacation – finding out your credit card has been compromised.

As you said, it happens in a lot of places, but resort areas seem to be especially prone to these types of thefts. Thanks for the warning.

Oh, and I don’t know if this really works, but a consumer reporter here in ATL says that you can tell if an ATM has an illicit card-reader attached to it by taking hold of the card slot and wiggling it a bit. Since the card-readers are made to be installed and uninstalled quickly, you can tell the ATM has been compromised if there is any movement when you wiggle the card slot. Worth a try, anyway!

And also – from another post I saw somewhere – if you are keying in a PIN, do your best to cover the keypad, either with your other hand, a towel, whatever. Thieves have a camera pointed at the keypad to capture the PIN, and if they can’t get it, they can’t use your debit card.

I’m so sorry to hear about this horrible theft that happened to you. Like the previous poster stated however it could happen anywhere. The thieves are always thinking up new ways of cheating us out of our hard earned money. Can we actually trust the staff at any resort, well I would hope so but it only takes one bad apple to make a wonderful holiday go sour. In fact the staff probably were not even involved in this scam but one has to wonder just why the credit card machine was not working. Does seem strange to me. Do take the advice of khabita and follow his instructions on dealing with the ATM machines.

ATM and CRedit card fraud runs rampant worldwide, it is too bad that this has started to infiltrate into paradise as well.

This may seem a silly question but after the card was cloned which country was it used in? I only ask as my own card was cloned and then used via the internet to pay for electrical goods, I only spotted the problem as a local supermarket refused my card and when I rang the bank I was told I was over my overdraft limit!! I am sure it was cloned in the UK as I hadn’t used that card abroad, and the transaction was also in the UK.

Also after taking the matter up with my bank I actually got all the money refunded to my account. I hope you have the same result.

Cheers Amandalou :-*

We always travel with a “bare bones” credit card with the minimum amount of credit on it such as $500.00 limit. Most card companies will cover fraudulent losses but if my card is compromised they cannot obtain a great deal of money. We very seldom use a credit card on our trips but if the need arises, I use this card only and never my mainstream cards with higher credit limits. As Wud said, credit card and debit card scams are rampant everywhere.

Yes, you will get your money back, and yes, it happens everywhere. For example, every day here in Ottawa - yes, everyday.

Good suggestions to carry and use a second credit card with a lower limit so if it is blocked, you still have access to your primary card.

In some cases, good old cash is king - for peace of mind.

Can’t say it enough - skimming happens everyday, everywhere.

Jason, I’m sorry to hear this happened to you. :-/

Happened to me in Toronto at an ATM on outside of bank - this can happen anywhere , so NO slight should be inferred to Palladium resorts !

it’s a good warning to those that may be travelling to palladium in the near future, so they know what to look for in case it’s a inside job… I have had the terrible credit card fraud happen to me here but all tranactions happened in another province??.. it just suck no matter what!