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[p]hi are there any AA meetings in or around punta cana [/p][p]
[/p][p]thanks in advance [/p][p]gene[/p]


Ask the staff about a bulletin board and Post that you are looking for a friend of Bill W. you will probably get a response


Ed. That answer went over my head and I don’t understand it. Can you elaborate?


Bob, here is this definition from the Urban Dictionary

Friend of Bill W.

A member of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and therefore (usually) a recovering alcoholic. Derived from the name of Bill Wilson (Bill W.), one of the founding members of AA.

If you are at an airport and have a temptation to head to one of the bars, instead have “Bill W.” paged, as code for your need for someone from the program come have a “meeting” with you.


Thanks. You learn something every day. :slight_smile:


thanks appreciate the help but i am staying at a private condo


Found this info on trip advisor, hope it helps you.
Friends of Bill W meet at the new Catholic Church in the Cortecito Beach area. You can send an email requesting information to Deacon Francisco Tavarez: ing.tavarez32@gmail.com.


thanks ill give it a shot


Gene. When will you be in punta Cana? I wI’ll be there the 24th-29th. I’ll be looking for a meeting too.