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? about hotel reviews

I am planning a last minute trip through Go Travel Direct (never used them before) from Halifax and we are taking my neice and nephew (14 and 13), who have never gone to a resort before. Good deals for Cancun but my question is I don’t see the 2 hotels in Debbie’s review list. We were thinking the Avalon Grand Cancun or Flamingo Cancun. I just find it weird that there is no review of these 2 hotels on here. I can find them on TA, but I have always found the reviews I find on Debbie’s usually match mine. Has anyone stayed at either of these 2 places or know someone who has? The reviews I read sound ok - just looking an opinion from Debbie’s people! ???

When we went to Cozumel I couldn’t find any reviews on the resort we stayed in either. Maybe TA has a larger pool of travellers. It is quite possible that no one on here has stayed at the resorts you are asking about, or, maybe they have had a name change and there are reviews here but under a different name.

Just found some photos. Don`t know when they were taken. Hope this helps.

Thanks. When I went to book for the week we could go they were all sold out anyway. Now I’ve booked for the DR. :slight_smile:

If you would send me to that resort, I will gladly post a review of it.