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I received a pm from a member asking how they would go about adopting a Dominican child and bringing said child to Canada.

I gave them an email of a person who I know is married to a dominican and they might have some insight. Other than that I suggested contacting the Dominican Embassy in Ottawa.

Any other ideas out there?


Here is a link that has some information about adoption in the DR



Not knocking adoption…but what is wrong with your own country?? Is it harder to adopt?

The persons question was about adopting in the DR, some peole like to adopt foreign children


Yes, it is, especially infants and newborns.


Cool did not know that. Now I know ;D


YES the question was “how to in the DR” I was imply trying to understand why…was not knocking it…I was just trying to understand why the DR…Never adopted before so I did not kow if it was hard here to do so, and easy elsewhere…no big deal.


Speaking from experience many, many years ago we applied to adopt a child here in Canada and it took from first filling out the forms to the many interviews over five years for my wife and I to receive our little bundle of joy. When you adopt in many foreign countries such as the Dominican Republic it takes a much shorter period of times , in fact many years shorter.
True it does not cost anything to adopt in Canada but could run into the thousands of dollars in foreign countries but in the end money is not the real issue. :sunglasses:


We adopted a little girl from China a couple of years ago and there were as many people from Canada adopting as there was from the U.S.A. I wondered if it was hard to adopt in Canada. We had looked into adopting in the U.S. but I was told from the state that since I was 40 years old that they couldnt even take my application.I could have gone through a private agency and it would have cost about 25,000 dollars(my sister-n-law just adopted here).We flew all the way to China ,stayed 2 weeks and still it was about 8,000 dollars less to adopt from China. I had looked at the DR adoption but it seems like you had to stay a few months there to adopt.I looked at a lot of different countries so I could be wrong. We couldnt have made it around Changsha without a group of Canadians helping us out.They drew us out maps on how to walk to the different places we wanted to go.They said they had been there a few days and learned their way around.There were several in the group who had one daughter from China and were there for another.