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Advice for Getting a Room Upgrade?

This will be our first time to an AI - we’re going to Casa Marina Beach & Reef.
Any advice for how to get a room upgrade? and any suggestions for specific rooms to ask for?

Hi- I would email the hotel and ask for an upgrade- I normally ask for an oceanview and have always received on wherever I have stayed. If you are shown a room you do not like do not hesitate to approach the front desk and ask to be moved toa different room- It’s fairly common in the Dr. I loved Casa Marina!! It was definitely no frills but the room was clean I got sick of the food after the 2nd day but I am a picky eater. I loved that you could walk into town- do not hesitate to explore during the day!! We bought things to take home a the local grocery store (much cheaper than n the gift shop)

I have always found that a $50 does wonders as you are checking in!

Does anyone have email address for iberostar Costa Dorada, or know where I can get it? I’ve had no luck so far. Any advice on rooms to have or avoid at this hotel? we’re going the last 2 weeks of Feb.

within the last 2 or 3 pages of threads you will find info on both these questions

it may be under Questions, questions questions

Pay for it

Frodo , i was thinking the same thing, think of how you would feel if you paid for it and the guy in the room beside you said he got it for 50bux cash slipped to front desk

and in prime time, I doubt there is upgrade rooms available,

I think I would feel like I should have slipped the front desk 50 bucks.

Re the ICD. We stayed there 5th to 19th January. The email address I used was
I wrote and asked, got a very helpful reply and an Ocean Front Room.
Hope it works out for you.

Sometimes getting an upgrade is the luck of the draw. If you really want an upgrade the best option is to pay for it.