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Advice on night life


hi, this is the first time on this sight, keep up the good work.
right down to my questions,
we as part of a family of 8 are hoping to book up the begining of september next year. however there is a few small problems regarding our party.
i would like to go to the north side of the DR, my husband whats the south side, but we are all in favour of going to the part of the DR that has a night life, we are not big drinkers however we dont want to be in a part of the DR that everthing stops at midnight,
we are taken three teenages along with us age 18, and two 16 year old, so we want someting that there will enjoy. discos, bars etc. any help would be gratfully excepted. ;D


I would hope that by next September the ridiculous midnight closing will be history but who knows.
Playa Dorada is now exempt and business as usual.
Sosua has extended the mid-week closing by an hour and Cabarete by 2 hours.
Playa Dorada would be a good choice since it is very safe and secure for you and your teenagers.
The resort discos are pretty lame but Mangu is always hopping plus there is Hemingway’s, Roadway, and Crazy Moon.


If Punta Cana interests you, Iberostar Bavaro has a disco for the teens. Our son always meets people and has a great time. They and you can also take a cab to Mangu which is a popular club in the area.