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AFAIK - Punta Cana's first webcam!

At the new Moon Palace…


Also weather, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset…

For a larger picture see:



Sweet! Thanks Gregg.

Now, can you beam me down there? :sunglasses:


Make sure tham beam passed through Smiths Falls to pick me up!!!

Thank you Fireguy. The place looks great!!!

Wow that is nice!!!

Thanks Gregg, what a treat. :smiley:

thats awesome to be able to see that…what I don’t like is all the rain its showing right now…this seems to be a common thread for the past few weeks there…more rain than normal?!

webcam’s been stuck on that screen since yesterday afternoon!!! Dang!

That is too bad…does it only show that resort? Where in relation to Sirenis is it??? With the rain pouring here in Ottawa, can always pretend it is the splattering of the ocean waves on my face!! ::slight_smile:

Bummer…We noticed too that it has frozen since yesterday… :’(

J & K :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

I just figured that guy standing there must have had quite a view as he wasn’t movin!!! lol

that webcam site states it was last updated jan 17th 2009!!!
happy weekend

I guess time really does stand still while on vacation ;D

ha ha ha
that may be the reason, lol.

[quote=@mikefisher]that webcam site states it was last updated jan 17th 2009!!!
happy weekend
I think that’s the date the web page was updated. The contents shows today’s date. Looks like their camera logic has crashed. Someone should tell them …

Maybe the picture only updates ‘on Dominican Time’ lol

It was definitely working when first installed and I have advised them it isn’t working now. I just think they have bigger issues than webcams.


yeap Gregg, that’s for sure.
and to show the ole foto of a very windy day doesn’t show them in a better light there at the moon palace, he he

Sure looks like a sunny day today and it says March 2. Geez, still have 45 days to go!

Nope. Same photo that’s been stuck there for some time …