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Affordable resort with no vendors/sales?

Hi all,

I’m looking for a resort that ideally has nearly no vendors/sales people.  I really liked Cuba where we were totally isolated and the staff was all friendly.  Each trip to Cuba we were only asked once to buy a trip out of town over 7 days.  It was really relaxing.

What resorts would you recommend in Dominican Republic that are low in sales pressure?  I’ve found reviews on Tripadvisors saying anything from people being pushed to buy something several times a day, to people being afraid for their safety. 

We’ll be traveling in a group of 4, but the wives would like to be able to walk around on their own.

The resorts we’ve seen so far, that are rated high and within our budget:
-Iberostar Punta Cana
-Iberostar Dominicana
-Luxury Bahia principe esmerelda  <- seems under construction, which could be really bad

Anything else you guys recommend?  should we look at other parts of the DR instead of just Punta Cana?

I can’t speak for the Iberostar properties, but the Luxury Bahia is a great resort. If you are going with just adults, you might want to consider the Luxury Bahia Ambar, which is adults only. We are booked for our 4th trip back at the end of March. There are beach vendors that walk by, but I have never experienced and type of high pressure sales. There are also the time share people in the lobby area, but once you tell them “No” they do not bother you again. Also, there was no construction when we were there in March of this year. Ultimately, you will have to decide what is right for you, but I would not hesitate to go to the Ambar.


I would highly recommend Punta Cana. We have been to the Ambar 4 times and headed back for our 5th next April. There is construction at the Esmeralda presently, but the construction should be finished in the near future - you didn’t say what time of year you were looking at. There are beach vendors, but just tell them “no gracias” and they move on, there is absolutely no pressure. I don’t know where you read people did not feel “safe”, but we find it extremely safe. I do a walkabout of the whole Bahia resort (about 50 minutes walk about) in the late afternoon by myself and always, always feel safe. Walking the beach by myself, never have had a problem.

No beach vendors at the Iberostars… only on vendor nights once every 2 weeks.