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Age of Ocean Blue Resort?

Just curious of how long this resort has been there? In reading some reviews and looking at some pics, some of them reveal the furniture as being a little run down. Not that this would deter us from deciding to go here or not…just curious…

We do like to know how long it’s been there vs. if it’s a brand new resort. We went to a new resort in Cuba last Spring and while it was a beautiful and large resort…newly open…it still had some quirks to work out and fine tune in the way of Customer Service.

I usually do the research on some prospective resorts and take various things like age, beach, good food and clean rooms into good consideration in our decision. I narrow it down to a few and then show hubby and discuss which we’d like to try next. Then I take the ‘possibilities’ to our TA and discuss with her on prices, etc…

We are a married couple in our late 30’s and like to mostly hang out at the beach; do some boogie-boarding pending on water conditions; we do some pool time and we like good varieties at the Buffets…but are not fussy and wiling to try new foods. We also like to try at least 2 excursions while down there…doing something different each visit.

Thanks for any/all advice!!

We (2 couples in mid 50s from N.S.) were there in 2007 and at that time it was said to be in it’s second year of operation. This is a beautiful well kept facility. The furniture was fine but of course that was 2 years ago. When you consider how many people stay in any given room in the run of a year your have to expect a bit of wear and tear. Rooms were kept clean and the staff were pleasant and accommodating. We did have one problem on arrival we were placed in building 7 on the Sands side on the first floor (garden side) right by the staff entrance ( there was a gaurd stationed at all times right in front of our balcony so there was no privacy if you wished to sit outside. The first morning about 6 a.m. we were awaken by the guards and staff greeting each other very loudly (yes our patio door was shut) the was also right next to the exit to the maintenance and laundry area and there was constant vehicle traffic day and night. The next day I requested that we be moved. They asked why and I explained that we were being bothered by all of the noise and lack of privacy. The desk attendant said no problem and to be at our room in one hour to move to another room. We along with our traveling companions were moved to Ocean Blue Elite Club rooms. This room was quiet, nicely furnished with 2 four poster queen size beds, pull out couch, large screen tv and a beautiful marble bathroom with a large jwhirlpool bath.
The buffet was the best we have seen at any of the the resorts we have visited - excellent variety, well prepared and presented. One nice thing is that you don’t have to make reservations for most of the specialty restaurants. This is actually two resorts in one - The Ocean Sands is to the left and Ocean Blue to the right seperated by gardens with shares main desk and restaurants. The buildings run end to end back from the beach so it is a good idea to e-mail to ask to be be placed in a central location we found that being in building 7 it took us 10 minutes to walk to the beach, The Ocean Blue room was in a building right on the beach so we then had a 10 minute walk to the front desk and buffet, there is a trolly that goes around every 10 minutes or so to transport people from one end to the other which we took advantage of on several occasions. The beach is beautiful and there are two very nice pools end to end between the resorts. Actually I just saw a sale for this on Itravel2000 for under $1000 pp from Halifax unfortunately we are already booked for that time period - we would return there in heart beat. We didn’t do any of the excursions hubbys did play golf but they weren’t really impressed with the on site course. Have a great vacation.

We were there in February 2006 and were told it had been open around six months. We are returning on March 29th and very much looking forward to going. So much so that yesterday, we booked to leave on Jan 11th for yet another week. The deal was just too good to pass up at 699 plus tax out of Halifax. I just checked now and the resort is sold out. We are a couple in our fifties that usually travel one week a yearand usually book a few months. Now I’m in a panic mode trying to figure how in heck I’m gonna have everything ready.

We were there in April 2005, and it was just opening . Not even all done then. Returned in 2006 and was then all opened , Had a wonderful time booth time. Excelent food, and service.

Before it became the Ocean Blue and Sand it was the H10 Hodelpa

Wasen’t the H10 Hodelpa the Ocean Bavaro?