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Aggressive Male Staff?


Our family is heading to POP Bahia Principe tomorrow morning but a couple of people have put a bit of a damper on our holiday and we haven’t even left yet!
A fellow told us that we should escourt our daughters everywhere while at the resort as the male staff is very aggressive. This fellow said that they will come on very strong and are not easily put off. Not even an hour later, somebody else told me the same thing. My daughters are 18,17, and 13 and now I am very nervous.
Is there any truth to their statements? Are the girls not safe within the resort?


Staff at many resorts can be very flipant towards young ladies, all they have to say is “No gracias” very emphatically, if you have problems report them to the management.

NO! means NO! be emphatic!


Yes, they can be pretty aggressive in a huggy/kissy kind of way, but that’s about as far as they will go unless encouraged. They seem to get away with what here would be considered sexual harrassment.
As wud says, be emphatic if you are uncomfortable with what they are doing. That said, they are safe within the confines of the resort and it should not be necessary to escort them everywhere. Our 18 year old had no problems; in fact she kind of enjoyed the attention.



Please don’t let that put a damper on your trip. I am a young woman who travels alone. I have been flirted with by some male staff at the resorts but never aggessively. As Wud said, no gracias works just fine. I also think that you may need to educate your daughters–not to scare them but help prepare them for what they do if they are approached by male staff. You may want to encourage to tell any staff that may approach them that they are on holiday with their parents who are watching them closely. While I don’t think you have to go everywhere with your daughters, as with any vacation in any country, you need to be cautious. Also remember, you need to watch out for the young male guests in the resort as well.

All that being said, I have never encountered any problems with male staff or guests at any resort. Relax, be cautious but not so overly careful that you are not having any fun.


Zookeeper, we were there for 2 weeks this past January, and did not see anything of the kind. Maybe trying to get someone up to dance as they performed around the pool, but no aggression.

Have a great trip and Say a big hi to Maria in the main bar by the pool. She is a sweetie. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Chris & Nenita


Hi there,

I went to POP last year and I am 20 (was 19 when I went and didn’t have my parents around) and honestly, yes the staff members are flirts and they did approach me and my friend but It was never in a dangerous or agressive way! Like everyone else mentionned, just tell your girls to say no firmly and everything will be fine! Also, tell your girls to always stay together just in case! You don’t have to worry about that! The dominican men are naturally more flirtatious but I’m sure that they won’t do anything more than give the girls some compliments!

Have an awesome trip and please do not worry about this, they will be fine!!!

Take care!



Hey…they are flirts but not like our sexual predators in N. America.


As long as the girls themselves don’t fall for the flannel and flattery you will be fine but I have seen many a young girl fall for their charm in the beautiful Caribbean so warn them before you go so they don’t get taken in by them. If the girls are firm enough there are plenty more fish and they will move on to easier pickings.


I agree, I think education is the key and as long as your girls know that this may happen and know what to do when it does, then they will be just fine.


Dont let this put a damper on your trip. I stayed at the Bahia Principe last year. yes, they will get hit on but I’m sure they get hit on at home as well. I hate to say this but (atleast in my experiences) they are looking for hand outs. I find they flirt then after you let them know your not interested they ask for money.

let the girls know that this will happen and to firmly say no. I must admit the DR men are charmers. lol


I’m blonde and I’ve been there twice and I get a lot of attention down there. Yes, they are more aggessive than men in Canada, but I’ve never felt scared or threatened by it. They’re just flirts and they’re looking for tips, the obvious and an opportunity to get out of the country. Just keep those points in mind and just enjoy the attention and compliments, b/c you won’t get it at home.