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Ahora Beach House Cofresi

Just found the Ahora Beach House in Cofresi, it is right on the beach next to Sun Village Resort. This is a classy place, with Amazing food, you have to try the platter for two - out of this world. You can sit outside on the deck with the ocean a couple of feet away with outstanding scenery. This place has great food, great music lots of good booze and a mix of expat locals and tourists. The owner Ralph a Canadian has the inside scoop on what to do and see. This was worth a drive from Playa Dorada to see another area and a whole new experience. Has anyone else been here?

We were there in May for the grand opening. The place was packed to the rafters, and they had a live band. Was alot of fun. :slight_smile: Glad to hear that it is still going strong, as our friends figured that it wouldn’t last. We will check it out again on our next trip.

Is that where Teddy’s BBq was? I will be there for two weeks starting jan 7th/09 will check it out for sure. I will be staying at the Lifestyle Tropical. thanks for the info…A Canadian Guy!

Yes, it used to be Teddy’s. The place is alright, but we found it a bit expensive. I think that Chris and Madys is the better bet… ;D

Gracias!~ I will check it out…although I know Chris and Mady’s real well and that is a cool spot…Cheers

Gracias Reidco! I will for sure check it out. I will be there for two weeks in Jan and can’t wait…Thanks again! What’s the specialty? I guess everything and that’s cool!