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AI beach resorts in Panama?

Any all-inclusive beach resorts you would recommend in Panama?
Looking at one week before Easter out of Qc city.

I know Riu has a resort there. Haven’t been but Riu seems to have consistent service through all their properties.

Been to Panam twice, loved it. The beach is dark sand nice for sitting on or walking. The swimming at the beach I would not recommend some Europian people did swim in the ocean but there many jelly fish. Better use the pools.
We went Royal Decameron. Would love to go back. The entertainment is all in Spanish

I loved it too. I went to Royal Decameron and next door Playa Blanca. I enjoyed my stay there!

Here is couple of photos from Royal Decameron:

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By the way the best part is weather. Its always warm and you do not have to worry about cold :slight_smile:

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I personally would recommend Royal Decameron. We have been there at least a dozen times, so I could be bias.
The only downfall is that it is built on a hill and there are a lot of steps and/or three steep roads to navigate. No big deal if you are quite mobile. Just take your time if it’s humid out.
Of course a la cartes must be reserved, but to a lot of people’s surprise now the dinner buffets must be too. There is only one air conditioned a la carte.
Besides the nightly entertainment they have a big screen on the beach that features a movie every night. If it’s in Spanish there are usually English subtitles.
If you are planning on going to Panama and doing a lot of sight seeing, be aware that most tours, not all, are full day tours from this area.

We have been to Playa Blanca Beach Resort, about five or six years ago. Wasn’t knocked out about it. There were issues then and have heard it’s getting worse. But who really knows.

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