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Air Canada planes from Halifax to POP

We haven’t flown Air Canada internationally in a long time, but I know that a lot of the larger planes have the little TVs on the seatback in front of you, where you can choose what you watch.

Anyone fly from Halifax to Puerto Plata recently? Do they have the little TVs on those AC planes?

We’re flying with our 2 and 4 year olds and want to know whether we should bring the laptop for movies to keep them occupied. :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, they have the little TV’s on AC flights between Halifax and POP. There is nothing different about the aircraft. It’s a standard 319 Airbus, with business and economy class. We flew AC Halifax to POP last winter and will be doing it again in several days. Best of all, all of the AC southern flights are daytime.

Perfect. Thanks, nssunlovers. :slight_smile: We figured it would be the same as domestic flights, but just wanted to be sure before we got the kids on the plane. :wink:
The reason we chose POP again this year was AC’s flight times. Our kids are awesome travellers, but I can’t see that being the case in the middle of the night.

Great luggage allowance too!

Ohhh, really?? Better than the charters? Nothing I even thought about! Thanks :slight_smile:


Yes but meals are not included.

I would trade a great luggage allowance for an in-flight meal any day.

That’s awesome, Pat! Thanks. :slight_smile:
I’d do without the meal, too. No biggie to grab something at the airport and throw a bunch of snacks into the bag. :slight_smile: