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Air Canada Vacations and Aeroplan Points

If you book an Air Canada vacation on a selloff site, do you still get Aeroplan points? Didn’t go all the way to the end, but didn’t see anywhere you could enter an Aeroplan number.

I believe that if you book it online, you can still get the points at the airport when you check in, if you show them your card then. The other option, is to book through a selloff travel agent, and give them your number! Love those aeroplan points!!


This year I booked with Air Canada Vacations.
After I received my confirmation number I proceeded to phone customer service from my online booking company and gave them my aeroplan number along with my booking number.

You do get your Aeroplan points with AC Vacations. However, this year we were only credited with a one way fare (Hlf to Holguin). When we went to apply to get the return trip credited, we realized our boarding passes had nothing on them except the flight and seat number (ie. no name, date, etc.). However, we had saved them all, plus our luggage claim checks, so after sending them off to Aeroplan, we did get our full Aeroplan points credited.

I don’t know what happened as when we contacted AC Vacations, they had our aeroplan numbers on file and said the points would show up eventually. However, they didn’t (and after several calls to ACV), we decided to deal with Aeroplan directly. Usually you can use the Aeroplan website to claim uncredited points, but you need some information on the boarding pass (that was missing in our case). It all worked out in the end (but took about 5 months after the trip before we got the full credit).

Anyway, yes you can get your points. However, keep your boarding pass, ticket number and claim checks just in case you need that information later. I believe you have 6 months to claim points.