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Air canada weight and liquor question


Sorry, i checked FAQ and air canada web sight but it was confusing as to the weight limits for luggage . its 2 bags for a total of 70lbs?? could someone clarify this ?
Also i dont mean to sound like an alcoholic but i want to bring back a FEW bottles of liquor back with me. It just seems to make sense if i can get a bottle in punta for $5 even + duties, would be much cheaper, and it would be premeir rum. Does anyone have experience with going OVER your alcohol limit ? just curious how they rate/charge you…and if its more pain than its worth…


Phone Canada Customs and they can tell you how much duty you will be charged.When I check with them back in Jan.06 it would cost me about $23.00 /litre over my limit plus any extra weight charge that Skyservice would charge.


i’ll try calling too , thanks for the quick reply


The Air Canada weight restriction is 2 x 50 lb bags. Some here will say that there is no reason for you to bring that much stuff, but I filled my whole 2nd bag with school supplies donations and gifts for friends and half of my 1st bag had my snorkel gear. The generous allowance is much appreciated by me.

On my return, I replace the school supplies and gifts with gifts for me from my friends(!) and coffee and as much rum as I can carry. Now granted at that point it’s not all that much, but I’m always over and I declare it all and I’ve never been charged. I’ve heard of people bringing back 6 litres of rum between a couple. Of that, 2 litres is allowed customs and duty free, then they may allow another 2 litres for your honesty and then they’ll charge a bit for the last 2 litres. Considering the fab deals that you can get there, you are well ahead to go through the bother.



great post, thanks :smiley:


I came home in April with 2 X 1750 ml jugs of rum which I declared. I paid $10.00 US for each jug and when I arrived it cost me $28.00 Cdn in duty. That works out to be about $53.00 Cdn for two jugs and I couldn’t buy one here for that price, plus you can’t get Barcelo here. Keep in mind that each province has their own rates of duty on alcohol and tobacco and I think Newfoundland has one of the highest.


The Executive Class allowance is 3 bags, total weight of all three bags not to exceed 150 lb with no one bag weighing more than 70 lbs.