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Air Miles Fees, Did they go UP?

Hey All

Has anyone noticed that the fees and taxes for Airmiles has risen since this time last year?
I was quoted $335.00 for two people to travel return to Montreal with Air Miles from HFX.
I can’t find my paper worrk from last year but I’m sure I paid under $100 each last year ???

jethro, I just booked my husband and me for flights to Cancun through Aeroplan airmiles (CIBC). It cost us $251 pp. To fly to Cuba it would “only” have been $170 pp. I sure wish we could pay for these costs by spending more airmiles instead of dollars! Just for the heck of it, I looked up the price of an Air Canada flight for January (even though we are going much later) and saw it was about $850 pp…travelchick

Last year I paid $150.00 from Halifax to Toronto on airmiles. My daughter just came home on airmiles from Hamilton and the taxes for the flight were $ 150.00.

Last year I flew to Toronto to go to Santa Clara(Hideaway), the cost from Toronto was $300.00 less than from Halifax with much better flight times. I only did this as I was going with my daughter. By the time I paid the airmiles taxes, then taxes on the overnight for the hotel, again airmiles plus food the cost was just about the same as flying out from Halifax.

It really bites that the cost is so much more from Halifax for anything. I guess it’s because they have the numbers another reason they get most of the great flight times. Again this year Santa Clara…all night flight coming home. Would be OK if I could pass out but that never happens. To cramped up on the flight!

Should not complain…at least we get to go somewhere.