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Air miles

Can air miles be used toward AI bookings?

We have booked 2 trips in the last two years thru airmiles. You have to pay the taxes and a small booking fee. You must book the trip thru air transat or signature vacations. You can also use the option of airmiles and cash. However there is no easy way to figure out how many airmiles you need . It has to be done thru the airmiles number. I think you can also cash the airmiles in for gift certificates and use them at Marlin travel which gives you more tour companies to choose from.

You should be able to use any type of Air Miles card towards your AI vacation Beware though that the Air Miles program (the one with the blue card) does not allow you to use your miles to pay for the taxes or insurance or the booking fee. Those costs must be paid out of pocket.

That is one of the reasons why I no longer use “Air Miles”, but I do use the TD Travel Card miles.

cubaisgreat - I’ll bite: how does the TD Travel Card differ? I am having a hard time trying to use my Aerogold miles from CIBC. It seems booking a resort is more expensive by itself than when booking the AI experience! >:( This just does not seem right. ::slight_smile:

I used Air Miles a couple of years ago for an AI vacation. I didn’t have enough to cover the whole thing, but I was able to use the Air Miles to bring the trip down to a reasonable price. I don’t think you are limited as far as the carrier/tour company, either. It is correct that they don’t cover taxes, which didn’t matter to me anyhow, as I didn’t have enough to cover the total cost…

;D TD visa card

eeeeeefarm: Unless there have been changes in policy, Air Miles may only be redeemed for Sunquest and Transat holidays. As Clintontraveler mentioned, one can redeem Air Miles for Marlin gift certificates and then use them toward any vacation from any travel company, BUT, check out the redemption rate. It’s worse than offered by Air Miles.

travelchick: I’ve only used my TD Visa to purchase Air only as well as AI. I know you can also use it to purchase Hotel only too, but not sure how one does that for a Cuban resort. TD Visa cardholders with Travel Rewards may go to ANY TA and book their trip and pay with that card. Their vacation is paid with the points one has in one’s “Travel” account. You can also book through the TD Travel Rewards booking centre either on-line or on the phone.

Currently, 1.5% of all purchases on the TD card accumulate for vacation redemptions.

Again, unless there have been changes to Air Miles, one earns less than 1% with Air Miles credit cards. Using the Air Miles collector card can add one point per $20 in spending, but as one Air Mile is worth about 14 cents, that’s less than 1%, and you don;t get Air Miles everywhere. Combine that with, in my experience anyway, long waits on the phone to book or get info, no on-line travel bookings, not being able to use Air Miles for the taxes or travel insurance, being limited as to the travel company one can use…I jumped at the opportunity when the TD Visa card came along (I just took a look at my card and it’s called a TD Visa Infinite Card). One can opt for a 1% cash back, or travel rewards which as I mentioned above gets you 1.5%.

Having said all that, I will now be switching over to a Canadian Tire MasterCard Cash Card, that offers 1.5% of all purchases in cash, once per year.

Ooh! I have the Canadian Tire Gas Advantage card. I use it for everything to keep my spending up enough for the $0.10/L discount.

That works well, but CASH back would be nice too. Don’t suppose they’d do both, huh? ;D

Hello, I’ve used our cibc aerogold visa airmiles for our last two vacations. This one to cuba and last year to punta cana. I book our flight with airmiles and pay for the hotel separately. I find the only benefit to doing this is that I can stay more than 7 days and less than 14. But you do have to search for the best price on resorts. eg. Went to Melia Las Antillas. This hotel is offered by Air Canada Vac., Holiday House and Sunwing. Sunwing was $400 cheaper than Air Canada and $300 less thatn Holiday House. I also book 6-7 months in advance for my flight, because the airmile seats go fast. We paid 60,000 airmiles for our flights but got executive seats all the way, also got to use Maple Leaf Lounge( which is great). Down side, to use air canada, we have to fly out of either Toronto or Montreal, ( we’re from wpg) which can mean either 4 - 5 hour layover, but that’s what Maple Leaf lounge is for. If you go to aeroplan.ca you can find the link to their packages. Not cheap! P.S. if you go flight only, you have to look after your own transportation to get to resort. Any more questions please feel free to email me