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Air only...Can you get a deal?

Hi guys, Im looking to fly into POP from Halifax the first week of July and stay for two weeks. Ive been looking at prices for a while now and the best Ive seen was AirCanada for $700rt back in early Dec. I was going to book then but had been told that WestJet would do better...come to find out WestJet isnt flying to the DR this summer. Now the AirCanada flight went up to $504one way…
Im getting anxious wondering if I can get a deal or not...There are flights in June for $269 but I dont think I can go then…Ive checked the charters and right now theyre very high and most of the deals through the states aren`t alot better than AirCanada, plus you have more stops…
Just wondering if anyone has any experience booking air only for this time of year and what kind of prices can I expect as July comes closer?

Check on Expedia.ca if you have not already, you might find what you are looking for there. :slight_smile:

I usually have good luck with www.exitnow.ca

look on kayak or farecast they will e-mail u when nthe price drops