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Air Only?

Just wondering what kind of Air Only deals are out there? Im going to Puerto Plata in July and have looked at Air Only and AIs. Right now Air Only is at about $1000 from Halifax. There doesnt seem to be any AIs offered from Halifax for that time, so Id have to fly to Toronto. Im looking at voluteering with a group that will provide lodging for about $50/day , less if I choose their other options, or I can make my own plans.
Just wondering what kind of deals can be found for Air Only?Would it be better waiting for the Toronto deals to get low and fly from there? Keep in mind that Id probably have to pay the single supplement. Im looking at staying for two weeks.

You should be able to do much better than that price wise. We can get from central B.C. to Puerto Plata for about 750 bucks each on Westjet. Usually some good deals on the charters if you wait to the last minute.

Would you take the $50 a day lodging for your whole stay, or would you still require a hotel? If you can get a price out of Toronto including a hotel, you should be able to get the price for air only for a bit cheaper (not much though) and then you needn’t worry about the single supplement at all. My price is usually just under $1100 with WestJet and close to the same with Air Canada. On a seat sale, you can get it for just under $700. I’ve never been able to take advantage of that though since I’m not flexible with my time and can’t afford to wait for a sale only to lose a seat on the plane altogether.

I went on a Toronto sale during May–comparatively low season–to the DR. I was lucky to get a seat sale on the flight to and from Toronto. In the end, the price of the flight brought the price of the sale out of Toronto up to a price I could get in the higher season to book directly from home. It didn’t matter in the end, the price was okay and I managed to get there and back which couldn’t be booked from Saskatoon since you can’t do packages in the off season from here. WestJet stops flying from here even on the 1st of May.

You could best your $1000 price if you can remain flexible and wait for a seat sale. It’s my experience that you’re taking your chances if you wait til last minute, but if you have that freedom, it serves a lot of people very well.


Kaki, if I go air only I can do the $50/day lodging for the whole trip…there are also cheaper lodging offers but Im inclined to the $50 right now. My dates arent set in stone, Im hoping to go around July 3 but I can be flexible. Generally speaking you can get flights to Toronto for a pretty good price. I see theres one for July now for $99 each way. However the AI packages out of TO for that time are still high right now, plus when you add on the single supplement it really adds up.
Im thinking that if I can wait it out a bit I can get a good package deal from TO. I guess Ill still have to see if the added cost of Airfare to there and the single supplement will put it over the air only + lodging costs. I could always use airmiles to fly to TO…

Can you get a cheap flight to the states and fly from there? We always fly out of Detroit for about $500 p/p in high season (about 1/2 the cost of flying from TO )

Wow, I didnt even think of that...Ill have to check into it…

From Buffalo I can fly round trip to POP, Santiago or Santo Domingo with very good connections for less than $500.00 (including all taxes, and the departure tax ($20.00) is included. You could fly Jet Blue (my preference), Delta or Continental.

Buffalo is also a fairly small, manageable airport.

Just a thought. Alos if you are looking for land only prices try hotelbeds.com.