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Air Transat Baggage size


I know about the weight restrictions but are they really sticky about how big your luggage is. I think for the large size luggage it can’t be more than 62 inches (length + width + height)…so we measured our luggage to make sure it was within the 62 inches. And then we’re at the airport and there’s some people with suitcases that are obviously bigger than the 62 inch allowance (they weren’t super huge but I knew that their suitcase was bigger than mine cause mine was exactly 62 inches).

Are they more fussy about the weight than the size? I’m not talking about taking a truck-sized suitcase but can anyone share with me their experience/opinion?

I do know that any one suitcase shouldn’t be more than something like 50 pounds, which is reasonable.

We are flying club class and so we get more luggage allowance but I don’t want to check two suitcases for myself.

Can you tell I’m an over packer? I’m sure all they guys will be laughing at me as soon as they read this.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.



it depends i find on how packed the flight is. I travel south every year a few times and sometimes nothing is said, and other times they weigh and measure evrything. Sometimes our carryon has also been weighted and measured. We have never had a problem, only once with skyservice we had to take a few things out of our carryon and put it in our checked bags. A.t to me is less picky but you never know as the flights i have been on with them the flight was never full.
BUt i know what you mean about some bags, i have seen huge bags on as a carry on and you know that they are really above the recommended size.


:slight_smile: They were fussy with weight and size on our last flight in Nov '06.

I guess with the population getting weightier, they have to be stickier on the luggage weight issue and the size of some of these carry-ons is … well, I could pack a whole weeks’ worth of clothing into some of them ::slight_smile:

They wouldn’t even fit in the overhead bins, they were so large. :-*


Yah, I figured I would get those responses. I guess if you’re willing to take that chance and you get away with it then great but I’m too chicken to try it. I’ll follow the rules.

Thanks for your responses.