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Air Transat - Canjet Agreement

Not sure where I heard this… but I heard that Air Transat and Westjet were ending there agreement on May 1st. I heard that Canjet would take over flying the Carribrean routes that AT are not able to cover. Was I dreaming … or is this true?

yes it is true article on westjet has the news hlywud posted the link i beleive.

I heard and read it too on another post…I would guess that Canjet would be smaller, crapped, and not as good service as Westjet?

Next time I book with Air Transat, will make sure I know which plane they are using…

I agree … would rather fly Westjet any day.

For the record, Canjet flies the same B737 as Westjet, so I doubt you would notice much difference room wise. Most of their planes are older, but recently they have bought some new 737-800’s which are the same as Westjets newest planes.

I flew Canjet on 3 occasions between Moncton NB and St John’s NL and was totally pleased with the level of service and professionalism.

Lets hope the Air Transat contract will allow them the extras needed to modernize the entire fleet.

On a side note, Maybe Westjet is going full bore in the charter vacation business by expanding westjetvacations.com to include more gateways and destinations…the more competition the better for the travelers.


So if you’re travelling on Air Transat aircraft going there in April but returning in May I wonder how that will work out? Plus those of us with prepaid seats?

If you are flying on an Air Transat aircraft, you’ll likely do both ways. Where it would get interesting is if you are flying down on a Westjet plane. In that case, the return will be either CanJet or Air Transat.

Oh gotcha!!!

We have a friend who, within the past two weeks, booked a trip with Transat Holidays, flew south on Canjet but returned on Air Transat…all in the same booking. He was able to get Club Class on the return flight but, of course, there is no executive or club class on Canjet.

Canjet now have all 737-800’s.They have a lot more legroom than Transat and their on board service is terrific.
Our recent flight to Punta Cana on Canjet was 4:05 going down and 3:50 on the return flight.
You won’t be dissapointed with them.

very interesting…when I flew with them a couple of years ago…it was cramped…small, very little room…and it was only about a 2 hour flight…so I am glad to hear things have changed since then…

I still like the option of upgrading to larger seats…which I don’t think Canjet or westjet offer…

My 2 cents in this is I that I hope with Canjet you can pre-book your seats on the charter flights.

Loved flying Air Transat and with Westjet…but I avoided booking any vacation with AirTransat when I ended up on one vacation with a Westjet plane on the return leg and I couldn’t pre-book with them.

I hope that if Westjet does go full blown with their own charters that they would incorporate the system to pre-book.

I noticed about a month ago on the Southwest airlines site it now links to the Westjet site. I wonder if that is why AT and Westjet are ending their agreement???