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Air Transat Club Class

We’ve just booked Sandals Hicacos for February 19th and decided to upgrade to club class.Are there any other travelers out there who have any experience to share? I especially like the idea that your luggage is first off the plane. Grab your bags,grab a beer and go!!!

A word of warning: once you fly Club Class, you’ll have a really tough time returning to Sardines Class…!

Here’s my personal opinion on Club Class, in one word: fabulous!

I couldn’t have said it better myself, absolutely fantastic. The ONLY way to fly!!!

We upgraded to CC for our trip down earlier this year just for the increase in luggage allowance (we had alot of stuff that we were taking down for various people) and man was it worth it! Very nice food and drinks, lovely service and the extra room was definitely welcome (we fly from Vancouver so it’s a 5 1/2 hour flight). We totally regretted not booking it for on the way home :frowning:

For our next trip we upgraded to CC both ways, the way I see it, we’re usually miserable about having to come home, so we might as well be miserable in comfort and with drinks to console us ;D

Just a word of warning though… I don’t think the luggage handlers in Varadero recognize that Club Class luggage is supposed to be on the carousel first, probably something to do with everything coming into the country being xrayed :-/ so don’t be surprised if you have to wait for your bags to show up like everyone else. ::slight_smile: We had 4 bags altogether, none of which showed up before other luggage from the plane :frowning:

Besides you’re going to have to wait for everyone to show up at the bus anyway ;D

OOOOOOOOO yes you will love it…but like one of your replies…you will never want to fly any other way…we fly club class this April past…an we are going back April of o9…an yesssssss were flying club class… :sunglasses:

We went with Club Class once as a treat. We loved it. However as it is only a 3.5 to 4 hour flight from Montreal, I don’t know if I would pay that kind of money every time. Re your quote: I especially like the idea that your luggage is first off the plane, it made me laugh because that was the only time we had to wait so long for our luggage. Our large bag was the last one on the carrousel. After we finally retrieved it, as we were heading for the exit, we were stopped for a secondary inspection in the “windowless room” lol. We never found out what they thought was suspicious. After a thorough sniffing by two dogs and the emptying of one, our bags were given the ok. Enjoy your pampering!

We just got back from Cayo Santa Maria and flew Club Class to go but not to come back as there were no seats left on the return flight. Too bad because you can’t compare the two. They were serving us champagne as people were boarding. It’s very comfortable and no line-ups for the bathroom! The other benefit was bypassing the 500 people at the airport check-in. Our check-ins in Montreal are often for 2 flights. As for your luggage getting off the plane first, I’m not really sure that’s part of the Club Class promise. It doesn’t really matter anyway because you still have to wait for the bus to fill up.

I will say, however, that Air Transat has more leg room in economy now. I’m only 5’2’’ but was able to cross my legs which I was never able to do. My husband’s taller and he even commented on how much more comfortable the seats are.

I am spoiled now as well with Club Class. I am sad though next year we are booked with Air Transat but they are using Canjet planes from St John’s to Varadero so there is no Club Class…sniff sniff . I will have to pack extra carefully now. No extra baggage now either :’(
As for bags getting off first…NOT!!! we have flown club class 5 times and we have never once received our bags right away.Just a heads up : )
It is defiantly worth the money for sure though without a doubt.


I have to agree that Air Transat’s Club class rocks. My partner and I upgraded on the way back from our trip to CVJ last April and felt it was worth every penny, despite them loosing one of our suitcases. The ones that that did arrive were among the first off the aircraft however.

We plan on upgrading to club class on the return flight for our next trip, despite the danger to our respective liver’s…;). On the outbound leg of the journey I really don’t care about much but getting there. On the return leg though I was tired and really appreciated the line avoidance at the Varadero airport, room to stretch out on the aircraft, great food and too many tasty beverages, plus the pampering. We felt it definitely worth the $160 it cost.

While we too love club class - you don’t always get the 1st off with the luggage.

The plane got switched and our luggage was actually - Last off. We waited an hour for our bags.

We are travelling Club Class for the first time on our upcoming trip. We were so adamant about only flying CC that we booked a later time period than we wanted because all the CC seats for January (out of Vancouver) had already been booked up…and this was at the beginning of August :o. Out of Vancouver, it is $300 pp return and money we are more than willing to spend for the comfort offered.
We are looking forward to the perks of extra luggage weight allowance and on board service but, for us, it comes down to the seating offered in CC…we’ve put in our time in Squish Class on the likes of Skyservice & AT, thanks very much >:( Next trip, we travel in comfort :sunglasses:

I guess the cat is out of the bag…I bought it “one way” last week and dug it so much, I bought it in Cuba for the trip home. As soon as you sit down, chapange or juice is in your hand. All the while - the commoners are still cramming to their seats in coach ;} It sounds pretencous, but it is well worth it. I even told the my flight attendant that it was 10/10 service as I de-planned.

I just don’t know why they don’t make some of these services standard…I would gladly pay an extra 160 bucks with AT if I knew the other airlines did not offer this. People forget that not long ago, free drinks, free headsets and food choices were perks to fly with a certain Airline. ROYAL comes to mind.

…good on AT!!!

We, unfortunately, are not going to Cuba this year, but have chosen club class for our destination. Have flown the other carriers in the past. One way to easy the squish pain is to try and get to the airport early and grab the exit seats, or bulk-heads. You have plenty of leg room. Not sure if they allow booking these in advance. Happy travels!

Both AT and Skyservice offer prebooking exit row seats but, apart from the extra leg room, the seats are still very narrow and uncomfortable for long flights.