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Air transat club class


We are looking at going to POP in November to return to the Marien. Any idea of the $$$ to upgrade to Club Class when departing out of Calgary. We think it would be good this time around as we have our 20 month daughter coming.
Don’t worry if you’re on the flight she really is lots of fun and loves to fly.


Not sure of the exact price… but I think that my friends mentioned the $200 mark to upgrade, but that it was worth every penny.


We paid $200 for both ways out of Montreal and it was definetly worth it! Seats were comfy and food was really good.


Just in case you didn’t know, usually the Club Class seats are in 2’s (not 3’s) and that the middle arm rest is fixed, so you cannot lift it to place the child on the seat between you.


I’m not sure if you have to book a ticket for your daughter, but I would check into if you can take her into club class. I flew this a few years ago and on the way home,they had left over seats in the front so they offered people a chance to pay the difference to the flight attendant and upgrade. A couple wanted to come up and bring their young son up and they were refused. I would have rather had the boy, the people they ended up getting had spent a little too much time in the lounge at the terminal.


Thanks Greggy,
Just sent an email to Transat for some answers to the questions. Hard to believe they can discriminate by not allowing a child there. Also, on some flights I see that there are some club seats that are three across, maybe those ones fold up at tthe arm rest.


I may be starting a veritable maelstrom here, but…
I’m not sure I agree on the use of the word “discriminate”. Is it discrimination that there are “Adults Only” Resorts or Restaurants? Some people are willing to pay extra to avoid being in close proximity with a crying/whining child. That is their right. Granted, some children are better behaved on flights than some adults. Your little Ainsley may be the delightful exception to the flight habits of most infants I have ever flown with. If only …


Hi Ken & Deanna!

Hope Ainsley is doing well :slight_smile:

Each time I have flown Club Class, the seat configuration has been 2-3-2. I was thinking that might only be the case with the Airbus 330’s, but I just checked and they have 2-3- seats on the 310 as well. The window seats tend to book-up the quickest, so you probably won’t have much trouble getting the 3 seats together. I don’t know about Calgary pricing, but it’s $100 each way out of Toronto.

Hope you have a great trip with the little pumpkin :slight_smile:



We too have flown flight with babies that cry continually. Ainsley has flown before, and does very well, but anything can happen. I guess the day that they make adult only flights is the day we will be booking the flight on the “kids” plane. We were just seeing what other options are available to make the flight most enjoyable for all involved. When we flew down to the Dominican the first time without any kids, we had wished that we had booked the Club seating, the 2nd time we booked Sky Squish didn’t have club seating, and now our 3rd trip, we would be travelling on Air Transit and we would like to spend the extra $$ to be a little more comfy. Extra space will hopefully make our daughter happier as well. I totally agree with adult only resorts, and have nothing bad to say about them, in fact I can see staying at one in the future, when we want to go on an adult holiday, and not have any reminders about our child. Until then we will be taking the family holidays and making the best of all circumstances. :slight_smile:


Great attitude Kenn. Thanks for clarifying! Enjoy your trip.