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Air Transat drops Vancouver for winter 2012/13


If you want to go to Cuba, next winter, out of the West coast, it won’t be with Air Transat/Nolitours. Only Air Canada Vacations and Sunwing are offering packages. Air Transat will fly out of Edmonton next winter.
As if we had many options, out here… now, they are much more limited >:(


That’s too bad - and I thought we East coasters were limited…



I feel your pain Steffie. You know this spring I was on similar things with the status of Newfoundland flights.


Lack of choice sucks, doesn’t it? Fortunately, both carriers/tour operators offer the resort we love and return to yearly. I feel sorry for those who will have lost the option of resorts exclusive to Nolitours like Cameleon Villas, popular with some members.


Tell my about it, MCSM has been off the radar with AT for years now. Then again we just love sleeping in the TO airport, when we fly with AC, and the last trip another bag lost(misplaced) for 4 days…just keeps getting better and better…lol


I was wondering why I couldn’t see any flights for the fall with AT. Not a great choice of flights now, and it looks like we have very few direct flights. We either stop in Calgary or Toronto.


It looks like Air Canada is offering direct Vancouver-Varadero but I’m waiting to see their packages to see if it’s true. Sunwing flies out of Vancouver but I’m not sure if they fly direct. Unfortunately, they only have economy seating so we aren’t interested. If we wanted to go with Air Transat, we would have the extra cost of a return flight Vancouver-Edmonton, stay overnight both ways and the added cost would be nuts. Not happening! I’m disappointed to loose the option of Club Class, even though we were not happy with Air Transat after our latest trip but, I liked having the choice.


sunwing does have a upgrade for 100 bucks, the seats if I recall are a little larger. Going to BJ’s(sunwing) in a few more weeks, direct from Vancouver, also back to CSM in sept again direct. But the 5 K’s for carryon is a complete joke, with the the upgrade of 10 K’s extra, that cannot be added to the carryon…and of course sunwing I’m sure will change the times already it’s has by 1/2 hour…no big deal…yet…lol.


Unfortunately, Sunwing’s upgrade does not move you out of economy sized seats. All you get is more leg room and a few other perks but not the wider seats provided in Club Class (Air Transat) or Executive Class (Air Canada).
Elite Plus: 35" pitch, 17" width
Air Transat Club Class: 34" pitch, 19" width
Air Canada Exective Class: 37"-39" pitch, 21" width

For us, we are willing to pay for the roomier seats and 2x2 seating for a more pleasurable flight. The rest of the perks provided by all three of the above upgrades are great but not the primary reason for our decision to upgrade. At the end of a 6+ hour flight, it’s nice to get off the plane relaxed and not feeling like a pretzel :slight_smile:


Sunwing’s direct flight gets into Varadero at 3:30 am. But I’d rather get in at that time than not go at all. We’re looking at Breezes Jibacoa (for the 4th time) for our anniversary in November, can’t wait.


Latest update is that Air Canada is NOT supplying a non-stop flight Vancouver-Varadero this coming winter season, after all >:(
The flight will Vancouver-Calgary-Varadero. At least they are still starting out of Vancouver and haven’t dropped it completely like Air Transat.
Now we just have to sit and wait for prices to come out.

By the way, ncm, we’ve done those nasty red eye flights and they suck, big time. Finally, the schedule for next winter season has come back around so that Westerners are getting decent morning flights…hallelujah! Enjoy your return to BJ :slight_smile:


Is this confirmed!? My travel agent says she has not heard of this flight being dropped and Transat/AC have not released their winter schedule to Cuba yet… I hope it isn’t true as the resort we go to (and are getting married at in January 2014) can only offer their Villa’s to Transat passengers… and that would be terrible if our only option now is Sunwing!!! Every year my Transat flight Vancouver-Varadero is completely full so it doesn’t seem to make sense why they would do this!


My thoughts, exactly, canadiancowboy. We fly the same time every February and the Air Transat flight was always full. It was with shock that we learned that AT had dropped Vancouver as a departure city and replaced it with Edmonton. Air Canada Vacations/Air Canada is offering Vancouver-Varadero for next winter, along with Sunwing. We always book early and are confirmed and have a deposit down with ACV but have to wait for the final price on the room category we want and that’s expected to come out sometime in July. If you go to Transat’s web site and click at the top “departure after Nov. 1st’” you will find their offerings for next winter. You will notice, if you plug in Vancouver, you do not get a Cuba option. Click on Edmonton and you’ll get the resorts. Unfortunately, you would be stuck getting yourself to and from Edmonton at additional cost :P. I’m just glad ACV is offered out of Vancouver for our resort destination.

Oh, I should add, my TA was told by the Air Transat rep that Vancouver was dropped because it wasn’t lucrative enough ???
Funny, Air Canada jumped on it as soon as AT dropped it.


Just got back from BJ’s, 12:30 am wed with Sunwing. It really was not that bad…lol The flight down which was non-stop, the last minute we were told that we are flying to Regina to take on more fuel…the week before the people got a stop a Winnipeg …for fuel…lol. Flight back was good and we got in early….it’s Sunwing…


, the last minute we were told that we are flying to Regina to take on more fuel…the week before the people got a stop a Winnipeg …for fuel…lol. …[/quote]
Where’s the sense of adventure? Even after the low fuel light comes on there’s always enough left in the tank to go another 70 - 80 km!
(unless you’re near Gimli!)


it’s just them sudden stops I worry about…the planned ones are ok…lol


What, they didn’t want to surpass the record of the “Gimli Glider”? ;D Maybe Air Canada does have the edge in adventure!


Steffie - I can’t find a direct Vancouver-Varadero AC flight for this winter?


They do and our travel agent just got us booked.
Friday flights

YVR-VRA flt. 1756 depart @ 8:25 am(PST) arrive 5:15 pm(EST)
VRA-YVR flt. 1757 depart @ 6:50 pm EST) arrive 10:35 pm (PST)
I’m very happy with the flight times, especially after what we’ve had to deal with over the past 4 years!


Thanks… I couldn’t find it because the AC flights don’t begin until Dec 21 (argh!). I guess Sunwing it is… hopefully prices aren’t high this year due to a lack of competition. I am super disappointed in Air Transat … they really don’t seem to care much about Western Canada from my experience.