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Air Transat Flights


FYI: as of Oct.18th all Transat flights for southern and international flights (including Westjet & Canjet) will increase $100.00 per person. Received this email from Travel Last Minute Canada Inc, anybody hear about this yet?


Is this for new bookings only?


all fuel surcharges are always for the new bookings only. That is the nice thing about booking early.


Clarification southern flights (Florida) are $70, other international are $100, see the thread another fuel surcharge.



We beat the increase by two days. It goes to show you that most of the time it pays to book early. Even the sell offs are getting expensive.


Yikes … I’m glad that I booked early also. That’s a fair amount of change added to a trip! :sunglasses:


we booked a while back and thought that maybe it was a mistake. Now I know we did the right thing…Ive checked prices for Bahia Principe and they have definately increased…I wasn’t sure why till I read this post…thanks for the info


We booked April 2005 for April 2006 :o and July 2005 for February 2006. Some friends told us that it was silly to book so early without knowing what would happen ::). Who is the silly one now :-X