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Air Transat holidays using WestJet seat question

Does anyone have any suggestions on booking seat selections for a trip to Punta Cana booked through Air Transat but Westjet is the airline?? I was told they don’t do early seat selections on their charters!

Another question, does anyone know if when you go and check in on the FLIGHT TO PUNTA CANA if you can at that time choose your seat for the return portion of the trip??? (sorry for the caps…I’m not yelling, trust me!!)

I would like to know the answer to that question as well. Also, are the baggage restrictions that same for a charters as for their regular flights?

Oh, sis, that’s a really good question too!!!

WestJet do not allow you to pre-book your seats on their aircraft. As for the luggage their web site states all charter flights allow two checked luggage at 50 lb. each.

That’s correct. WestJet do not allow pre-booking on charters. We are flying with my 9 mos. old granddaughter and would have liked bulkhead, but it is first come-first-served at the airport.

Our TA did say that if they see an infant will be on board, “they will attempt” to give you bulkhead.

Also, my TA told me that since we are flying WestJet (on a Nolitours / Air Transat Vacation Package), we follow West Jet baggage allowance, which is quite considerable…

We flew Westjet as they were chartered by Air Transat. As other posters have said the baggage allowance is much greater then on their flights. There is no club class or advance seat booking. Flight was great, seats were good and not crammed like the AirTransat planes non club class seats.

Just one thing to add and that is the whole plane is not a Air Transat charter with some flights. Westjet has their own packages on it as well as other tour companies.

So get to the airport early as the early bird gets the worm and some people who show up later might not be seated together.

We flew Air Transat first year, then Westjet thru Air Transat and this year we went through Westjet Vacations as their prices were comparable.

Hope this helps


Thanks Steve, I love flying Westjet. It’s actually my son and his girlfriend who are going on Westjet. I am travelling with Air Transat a few weeks later then when they are going.