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Airmiles booking - Pre-Booking Seating Confusion

??? I booked an AI to Grand Palladium Palace departing Ottawa on April 11th.

I used my Airmiles towards the booking which was with Transat Holidays. The flight to Punta Cana is actually a West Jet charter.

When I asked the TA through airmiles, she said I had to contact Transat Holidays directly when I inquired about pre-booking our seats. I called TH and they told me I had to call West Jet. I called West Jet and they said I had to call TH. I went back to the TA and now she says “You would have to book your seats with Westjet only 24 hours prior to departure, and unfortunately there are no meals on these flights”.

Has anyone had a similar situation this year in booking through Transat Holidays and flying on a Westjet charter? If so, did you pre-book your seats and if so, is the last info correct in that I do it through Westjet 24 hours prior to take off? Would I have to wait and book the return trip 24 hours before flying home or can I prebook both ways at once? It is more the return trip that I wanted to be sure our daughter was seated with us as we get to the airport on our departure trip in plenty of time as we’re so excited to get going!

If this is a charter flight, Westjest does not offer the option of pre-booking your seats…but with a charter you do get a light meal…sandwich and salad etc…

Hi. We are booked with westjet as well and on my confirmation that was sent by email it states that you can prebook your seats with them directly at their 800 number and also this was also in the email…

Headsets - are available for a nominal fee on all flights that offer live satellite television, or you can bring your own headset as most are compatible with our system. If you decide to purchase a WestJet headset, take them home with you, and remember to bring them with you on your next WestJet flight.
Complimentary coffee, juice, soft drinks and snacks (cookies, snack mix) will be served on all flights, [color=Blue]however WestJet does not provide full meal service[/color]. Buy on Board (BOB) - Guests are able to purchase food on all non-stop flights over one hour and 40 minutes. Guests are also welcome to bring their own food onboard, and although alcohol can be brought onboard, it cannot be consumed; that’s the law! However, you are welcome to purchase alcoholic beverages from our fantastic Inflight team. For more information please see Inflight Experience.

Hope this helps