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Airport Checkin

Hello: We are scheduled to fly out of Toronto to Punta Cana at 6:00 a.m. (in 3 weeks) with Air Transat. I have already pre-booked our seats. Our tickets say to check in at least 3 hours beforehand (I don’t ever remember going that early!). But we had never pre-booked seats before.

Question is, with our seats already pre-booked, I’m assuming we can narrow our timeline abit at the airport checkin? Like 2 hours?

When I have pre-booked my seats, I get there 2 hours beforehand at the Edmonton airport which tends to be far less busy than Pearson.

They probably open at 3:30 so they want people to start getting there then.
I think 2 hours is plenty of time.
I am planning on leaving at 4:15 AM today for my 6:20 flight.
I am 30 minutes away.

You still have to check in and getting a seat takes less than a minute so I don’t see that as a significant factor.

I had pre-booked seats with Skyservice and hit the check-in line around 2 hrs before takeoff…lots of time, and no worries from the agent.

I also booked with Air Transat and pre-selected seats but I was told by Air Transat that they have the right to give out the seats to someone else within 1 hour so I’m not sure if he meant 1 hour before the flight or they say be there 3 hrs before so 2 hours before?? You might want to clarify this with Air Transat. I go the 3 hrs. before because I’m so excited.

I am a high strung person, I own it. If the airline says 3 hours I am there, it is worth it for piece of mind. In the usa we have a show on cable tv that is all about airline travel (southwest airlines) I can not tell you how many times they have people on who checked in, but were not there when bording started and poof the airline sells the ticket to someone else. Sometimes you can see the airlines point but as a traveler I would loose my mind. My goal is always to hit the beach on the first day not get bumped to god knows when flight

I’m like seaislegirl - if they say 3 hours before, I’m there 3 hours before. I am also packed early and then keep checking my luggage weight - like it’s going to change. Can you say OCD ;D

hahahahahaha sis that must be a Maritime thing. I’m the same way…with my husband in the background saying “we’re taking too much stuff” and I come back with “the stuff for the Dominican’s is coming with me so what do YOU want to leave behind”!!

Yeah I am one of those persons that follows there advice as well. If they say 3 hours I am there 3 hours early. However every time I am sitting, waiting, pacing to kill about an hour and a half. LOL The truth is if everything is running fine at airport then 3 hours is way to early, however one hickup in the convuleted system and all hell breaks loose thus needing the 3 hours. Better to be safe then sorry, I would not want to have to wait for a latter flight if one is even available because I only gave myself 2 hours.

Im with you Northern, plus being early is a hell of alot better then being 2 minutes late,

im not even sure what options you have if you miss a charter flight,and hope i never have to find out

I am with you Northerners all the way. If they say 3 hours then i too am there 3 hours. I would really be ticked if i missed the flight. I look forward to these trips. No point in being delayed by something that was in MY control. Plus the 3 hours leaves you time for traffic delays and bad roads and whatever hiccups there could be.

I wud much rather sit in an airport lounge rather than miss my flight, that is why I even go down a day early, meet up with friends the night before. You never know what the weather and traffic can be like.

We always pre-book our seats and still arrive at the airport 3 hours before flight time just like they tell us to be. There is a reason they say 3 hours. If you are too late they can deny you boarding and/or lose your pre-booked seats. Like Wud said you never know about traffice etc. one little fender bender can close a road and you could miss your flight…

If they say three hours then there is a reason for that. It will give you plenty of time to check in and go to the departure lounge. Probably when you arrive at the airport, depending on the hour you get there, you will find line-ups at the luggage check in counter. However they do move people pretty quickly but I have found in the past that I always seem to get behind a person at the security check who sets the alarms off and it takes me several minutes of waiting for me to proceed to go through next. It is always better to be safe then sorry and miss your flight all together. Why take a chance arrive when you are told to IMHO of course

Maybe it depends what airport you are leaving from. In Ottawa, there isn’t a lot of passenger traffic @ 3:00am (she says tongue firmly in cheek) so if we were to arrive at that time for our 6:00am flight, I’m not sure the lights would be on ;D

Seriously, we find 2 hours still gives us lots of time early morning - and Tim Horton’s that is after security doesn’t even open 'till 6:00am!!!

Security usually opens at 4 at Pearson, they can deny checkin if you arrive too late (less than 1 hr before flight) 2 - 2 1/2 hrs plenty for checkin, Timmie’s, read a paper, etc - should get to Security 1 hr before flight as greatest delay seems to be there.

Check in counters at Pearson open 3 hours before the first flight of the day for that airline.