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Airport for Samana



I was in Samana Nov 3-9, and the first plane landed in El Catey.
It was a charter from Germany.
ANyone know if any US airlines will fly there in 2007?


Which hotel did you stay at in Samana?

I am planning on going to the Gran Bahia El Portillo in January 2007.


[quote author=jsgilly board=QuestionsabouttheSamanaPeninsula thread=1164668199 post=1164668199] :
ANyone know if any US airlines will fly there in 2007?[/quote]

None scheduled so far to my knowledge.
I heard that Canadian airlines fly into AZS though.

Maybe I can find out more tonight as we will pick up my mother there.



Last night’s Condor flight from Frankfurt/Germany (destined for POP) could not make its scheduled stopover landing at Samaná Airport El Catey (AZS).
Passengers waiting there had to be bussed to Puerto Plata in order to catch that plane back to Germany.
It is said that the airport’s navigation aids (VOR and DME) were not working properly thus leading to the skipped landing.



We got our tickets today and it says that we will be leaving from AZS to YYZ (Toronto - Canada) That should be nice!

Mind you we are arriving in POP from YYZ and have to take a 3-4 hour bus ride to our hotel! :-[


We flew Skyservice from Toronto to El Catey(AZS) on Dec 23 abd back dec 30. The air port is not fully opporational yet! The arrival and departure process is fine! There are NO Services other wise in place! NO Food Service, not a bottle of water! Then the bus ride, Van ride, if you are not ready for it its a long dry ride from airline beverage service to your destination!! Remember no liquids in the airport, we cleaned out our room fridge for the return departure but had to give to the girls at the baggage / checking counter. I did however bring some sandwiches I made at the breakfast buffet. BLT"s toasted and wrapped, I could have sold’em for $5 each at the departure lounge. The air traffic controller must be loneliest guy in DR. Its like HELLO El Catey calling any one out there. We were on the first Skysevice flight, they flew back empty! So be preparred withs enough snacks and drinks from the plain to get you there and don’t miss hitting the Toilet befor you leave, there’s no stopping. Smarty


Smarty - Is the bus ride really only 45 minutes into Las Terras? I’ve read on another forum that it’s actually 2.5 - 3 hours due to the route they have to take.


Not sure of the trip to Las Terras, but we were 1hour 45 mins to Las Galeras. You might want to check with your travel agent, some on our flight had a terrible stay at the Estela. No linens, no towels, shortage of food. There was a group that was very pissed state of the trip they had.I’ll check on the trip time if I can. Smarty


Thanks smarty. I’ve read about some of the problems with the Estela on a different forum and I am a bit nervous. I’m hoping it’s just growing pains as it’s a new resort. Just to make sure though I have already emailed Sunquest and will be talking to my TA tomorrow.


Here are some pics I took at the airport in Samaná last week:


Theyve added chairs in the lobby... I dont remember seeing those on our departure on Feb 11th.